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  1. thanks for the compliments , i was just kinda playing around , yea im not sure what the heats going to do to it yet, guess well find out lol
  2. i was bored a couple weeks ago and decided to make and engine cover its made of fiberglass, not sure if i am going to keep it on there or not let me know what you think
  3. hah yea you got to love cell companies there all rip offs to me i upgraded to att from cell one because of gettin a new phone and now my monthly payment is like 15 dollars more for the same plan , doesnt seem right since att bought cell one
  4. yea thats all thats on ebay is that molding nothing good of course
  5. cashy626

    My Ride

    sweet looks good , like the steering wheel
  6. yea that looks really good , but i read on there site how they did it and all it is the chrome door edge molding glued to the stock grill i dont know how that would hold up or if it would look like crap up close,i might go to lowes and look for some metal bars and try something out not sure yet
  7. yea i would love to a have a big intercooler lol but i dont see that happening anytime soon, and i have always like the billets on some cars wouldnt mind trying that
  8. hey just sitting here thinking and what is your guys opinion on removing the mesh from the front bumper ,look to empty or good idea?
  9. yea true with keeping the lights on i always have mine on anyways ,i went back to the orange because i looked for like two months for clears ones because mine got a crack in it from something and i coulnt find any ,plus it was time to try something new , at first i was undecided but once i got orange sidemarkers to match i love it now,also im thinking about doing some eyelids what do you guys think
  10. yea be carefull with the whole maaco thing they dont like to do anything right , but if you sand it and tape it you might be ok
  11. nice build, got your hands full good luck and atleast your doing it right
  12. that was some funny shit thanks for the comments, my tires are 205/40/18 with about a 2 inch drop and funny you mentioned the skirts ive been looking into something new so well see and i might consider tinting the tails but dont know if the cops would bother me
  13. cashy626

    Headliner ?

    has anyone ever taken out there headliner and if so how much of a pain was it thanks
  14. got new turn signals went back to the orange ones since clears are nearly impossible to find and also put some orange sidemarkers to match , also molded in my front lip to the bumper it looks so much better now , enjoy
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