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    98 mazda 626 lx 2.0l 4 banger, kinda sad
  1. Ks2

    Who All Is From Kansas???

    i can see kansas from here though im in buchanon county MO that might as well count lol
  2. Ks2

    Faulty 626 At

    the manuals are good but avoid the CD4E automatics
  3. Ks2

    Driving Lights Added

    around here i see alot of people with the small air activated silent deer repeler whistler im not sure what they are called but i see alot of them, dont know how well they work but if deer are a problem there might give them a try
  4. Ks2

    Advantages Of Auto To Manual Swap?

    dont do any work under it on the jack it comes with in the trunk, if ya have a friend with ramps and jacks that woudl be good ((not the pneumatic kind with the wheels)) not to state the obvious but a word of warning
  5. Ks2

    Fs: Lots Of Mazda Stuff Look!!

    my whole interior is a tan/biege color =\ the original is sorta odd since all i have seen are the ones with the lights on them mine was just the switch with no lights on it, trying to get this repaired since it is all i lack on getting the car sell-able
  6. Ks2

    Fs: Lots Of Mazda Stuff Look!!

    i have had a bear of a time finding a power moonroof switch i wonder if you would have one? what i am loking for specifically is the biege 2 button toggle/tab ((tilt/slide)) with out the interior lights i am tired of using anything metal lying around to hotwire the thing open/closed
  7. Ks2


    i had a problem with mine misfiring due to a bad set of spark plug wires, might look to see if they are arcing electricity on the motor, wont cost ya anything might also check if the connectors on the wires are corroded or if theres track marks on the rotor/cap
  8. Ks2

    Mr Speed Is Back In Business

    doesnt a MTX hurt the resale value of the car? most likely not but thats what i heard hmm i thought i read soemwhere somebody succesessfully did it
  9. Ks2

    Block Heater For 1998.

    so are you a moderator? apparantly since i dont know how the block heater actually works i am unqualified to even post here? first off i didnt give much advice, i said it shouldnt be hard to install from what i do know about them and since i have one and a identical one already installed in my truck it seems feasable that drilling and mounting them is the best way to go considering it makes no mention of frost plugs in the manual and there were no frost plugs or existing holes in the truck to mount it to, its one thing to correct someone and say there is no need to drill the mount points to install this since they are already there but you didnt read my post and immidatly assumed i was refering to drilling the engine, which im not sure how again because i said engine compartment i should have pointed out but i thought that was common sense apparantly not but i figured everyone knows not to mount something on the engine block unless it is supposed to be there, i really should have made it clear you mount it adjacent to the engine block. my bad and i will be more specific i havent taken it apart and looked to see how it works and really didnt read into whether it has a pump or not, i know what it looks like how it is mounted and what it does, i really dont care about how it does it as long as the block gets warm, he didnt ask "how does a block heater work" he asked if anyone had installed one and wasnt specific on the type. isnt like you answered the question well either considering you spent most of the time directing your comments at me and the person needing help in the first place really hasnt replied back or had his second question answered. EDIT this thread might be a alittle off topic by now, looking around for the difference in block heaters from what i have and know about and was refering too what i assume you are talking about, are you talkign about an engine block heater like this: http://mazdapartspeople.com/searchproduct....sc=Block+Heater this might relate http://www.mazda626.net/index.php?showtopi...hl=block+heater aparantly we are talking about two completly different kinds of block heaters the kind i am refering too is made by phillips and temro and is comepletly different then what is made for the mazda 626 ((however mine is universal and would work anyway)) i cant seem to find anything on thier website actually relating to thier products but it mounts adjacent to the engine and warms the coolant as far as mouting goes a search pretty much told me the above heater mounts to your oil pan and heats that as opposed to warming coolant there maybe that helps and puts this back on topic
  10. Ks2

    Block Heater For 1998.

    yeah i actually looked at it this time no pump in it, however at a glace you might guess it has a pump again but maybe in case you missed it the first time might be a good indication i havent really taken the time to look at it also the manual on mine says to drill to mount this isnt specifcally for one kidn of car therefore it might be ok to assume not all cars have frost plugs i know for a fact my truck doesnt sicne it has a block heater already isntalled ((before i bought it)) the block heater is drilled and attached on the engine side of the wheel-well and the whole thing works well again therefore having not actually looked in the car for where it is mounted or whether or not our cars have holes for them i dont know do you actually read my replies you seem too caught up in proving me wrong to notice any of the above maybe if i had actually installed one i might be more helpful but since nobody had responded yet seemed like a good idea to offer a little help
  11. Ks2

    Block Heater For 1998.

    it says automotive engine pre heater seems to me to be a engine block heater pumps warmed coolant throught the engine block "the heater operates on the principle of thermosyphoning by which cold coolant is drawn from the bottom of the engine block heated in the tank and returned to the top of the engine block" the heater mounts adjacent to the engine block either on mounting poitns already existing or on ones you have to place yourself
  12. Ks2

    Block Heater For 1998.

    uhh "engine compartment"... the area where the engine is i said nothing about mounting it on the engine itself having not yet installed it like i said i dont have a great idea of exact places to put it or existing but unused holes for it, if it is made for these engines it will maybe have existing mountpoints mine isnt specifically for this car so how you mount it is drill holes put bolts thru and tighten then run the heater lines etc that comes with it
  13. Ks2

    Removing Resonator

    i advise against ducttape i used ductape and ended up repalcing it frequently because it would be forced off ((it forced off the ductape and the worm drive clamp holding it on)) what i did was cut a piece of sheet metal into a sort of end cap, then used JB weld to seal it and then attached it with a worm drive clamp holding it on and clear sealant around it, so far it holds on very nicely and is compeltly air tight
  14. Ks2

    Can You Guess What It Is?

    stumble... as in jerk or shake really bad with that kind of milage might check your vacuum lines and gasketts most auto repair shops can check vacuum lines with a smoker machine and it will tell you where you have leaks if any thats just what i would do, 220k miles prrly needs gasketts replaced
  15. Ks2

    Block Heater For 1998.

    i have one, got it 2 winters ago it sits in my basement since i havent needed it yet shouldnt be too hard, i know with mine the most troublesome part would be drilling and placing the pump somewhere in the engine compartment and the rest shouldnt becrazy hard it has instructions right?