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  1. Hi everyone, Someone broke into my car this weekend and stole a lot of stuff. Talked to the insurance, and they are sentencing it to death. It is too expensive to fix. So this is my goodbye to a lovely time of 5 years with my 6 and some nice times on this board. I haven't been active the past year for several reasons, but now that the 6 is dead i'm going with a brand new Mazda 5 which is going to be bone-stock. I will probably drop in every now and then, but as time goes i will probably move on for good. Thanks everyone, and have a nice time with your 6 - it is a superb ride, and will be sor
  2. What's the difference between these two pics? I'm back on track...
  3. tried the VW/Audi KKK turbo on my 626 1.8(european model) and it was very aggressive. 8 psi at 2200 RPM, but died completely at 5K RPM. That and the fact that i only gained 35 hp at 8 psi, i changed it to a GT28BB that didn't last more than 6 months. Now i'm running a Turbo Technics T3, which actually begins boosting at a little over 2K RPM. Gonna build it back on this weekend i think(took it off b/c of emissions). There's plenty room for 2,5" piping, the only places you're screwed are when passing the radiator to get the piping to the intercooler. This can be solved with a radiator from a D
  4. Be aware that MAM's manifolds are made for the Protege's which have Distributorless ignition - as far as i can see, the manifolds will not fit unless you change your ignitionsystem and get rid of the disty.
  5. Long time, no update... Well, a lot has happened since june - megasquirt is sitting in my desktop drawer. Planning to put it back in to run extra injectors and maybe ignition. Currently non-boosted as i have to pass emissions this week, but once i'm done with that i will go back to boosting again. Right now i'm fighting to find out why my brand new boost-beast-engine is burning oil, hoping it's not too expensive to fix. Also i'm saving up for a new clutch(almost there) so things are looking good. Just got a wideband, so MS Mapping should be "easy" once i'm back on boost. Still need some work
  6. Hi all, thought i wanted to share this musicvideo with you - it got me thinking about how grateful i am for the great weather and the beautiful danish girls: Danish Sisse - Boom - Summer regards from mazdarati
  7. Been a while since last update on the project... now after 10 weeks i finally got my dear baby out running again... had some trouble with the new ignition system... the Protege VR-sensor wasn't able to deliver a stable signal, and one of the new coils blew up, so the wasted spark system has been ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ . That out of the way i had to make a new wheel for a new crank sensor, but once it was fitted it fired up right away. Still needs a lot of adjustement, but it is actually driveable on the basic setup from my local supplier! will make some video as soon as i get it run in.
  8. Best: Carlsberg Semper Ardens First Gold I.P.A. / Nastro Azzuro Worst: Budweiser
  9. - Turbo Equipped - Megasquirted - 18's - 9000K HID - Unique
  10. anyways, the car has been sitting in the garage for 6 weeks now... The megasquirt install is coming along rather good - i've installed the new crankpulley with the 36-1 wheel and a VR-sensor from a 00 protege. Got some twin coilpacks off a 01 GF, so my ignition system is completely different from stock now - I seriously hope it's gonna fire right up once i get the install done. currently i've hooked up the TPS, CLT, IAT, Injectors and the launch control switch - still need to hook up the coils, the VR sensor, O2, Fan control, PWM idle, fuel pump and a few other things. will probably get done i
  11. i know you don't have to bring in an entire car, but it would be easier for me to just swap engines than to mess around with moving the 4wd - i'm pretty sure that the chassis is a bit different somehow as there is no room for a driveaxle in my ride. so basically i'm stuck with swapping the engine into another chassis anyway!
  12. i'm currently installing megasquirt on my ride - i'll update in the 1.8 Turbo 250+ post when i'm done! The car should hopefully hit the roads sometime this week!
  13. funny about cranks... i saw an article once about an 700+ hp V6 KL03 build into another car used for track racing with twins and such, and the only the left stock besides the head and the block was.... the CRANK! There is a 390 hp MX-6 4-cyl that also runs on a stock crank.
  14. Sorgeangel: Funny you mention it, i have actually been looking into importing an entire car and moving the engine into that... however, i don't know and i haven't been succeful in finding any info on how the AWD will hold up on the increased power - and i can only imagine what it will cost to get the spares imported from asia for this thing...
  15. So my megasquirt is arriving today - can't wait to get started with this project since the car has been sitting in the garage for over a month now... only need VERY few things to get the sucker running, and the megasquirt is one of them! Will try and take a lot of pics later today and post tomorrow
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