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  1. xalint626

    Favorite Colour Of 626 (stock)

    Well on my 97 626 I have that dark green..But on my Mazda 6 I got that bright blue.Which shines up really nice.
  2. xalint626

    Tornado And Iat Resistor Mod

    For the first timers in mods you should start out with a good cold air intake that will give you a slight gain in horsepower...I think from there it depends on how much money you want to put into it. There are so many upgrades that you can do.
  3. xalint626

    A Mountain Dew Love Story

    Ok guys I love my Dew but thats pushing it alittle to far...I looked at that link all I could think was wtf maybe also thinking that there some brain disorder with that person....Besides Red Dew is the best aleast in my opinon...
  4. xalint626

    I Am Thankful For....

    I am thankful for my family and for all the men and women that has given there lives for my freedom...
  5. xalint626

    Detailing Guide

    Wow what detail this guy goes into...I saved the page on my computer for reference..Thanks for the link
  6. xalint626

    Building A Cai...

    They make a part that goes in between two joining pipes to help keep out water from going into the engine...Heres the link ---> Air Bypass
  7. xalint626

    Why Is My Car Screaking?!?!

    Your right it could be your alternator...But it could also be your water pump...Tell you the truth it could be alot of things your going to have to try to listen where the screeching noise is located that will help out in making a educated guess whats wrong with it...Good luck
  8. xalint626

    I Have A Whistling

    Before you try the ground insolator you might want to try a good quility patch cord..Does it hook up by Rca patch cords if not what model and brand is the crossover?
  9. xalint626

    Cleaning Windows With Newspaper

    Well guys I know it works ok because of the chemical they put in the ink to keep it from smearing...But I still stick with a good quility paper towel and foaming window cleaner.... B)
  10. xalint626

    I Have A Whistling

    I have to agree with Snailman...You may be able to just buy a ground insolator..
  11. xalint626

    Help With Clutch

    Was the throw out bearing replaced?
  12. xalint626

    Replacing Lug Bolt

    Thats right the bolts are seized I figured I will kill two birds with one shot by getting the brakes off I will just go ahead and replace them to...
  13. xalint626

    Replacing Lug Bolt

    Thanks for the replies... I took a look at it today it looks like I have to remove the brakes to get the rotors off there is some type of shield in the back that keeps me from punching it threw..Looks like I might go ahead and just buy a impact wrench those brakes are on good....
  14. xalint626

    Replacing Lug Bolt

    I will take the tire off today to see if I can get it out.
  15. xalint626

    Replacing Lug Bolt

    Hi all, have a quick question has anyone ever replaced there rear lug bolt.... Just so happen that the repair shop that did my tire rotation snapped my bolt and said it was like that sure it was but I am still on them about it ....Ask them how much it would be to replace it they stated about $45.00 and get this looked inside the car they broke my center armrest waiting for them to talk to there tech on that one ......I fixed that problem already but Im not tell them that....