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  1. Great condition, only a few months old. For pickup, or meet somewhere. Orange County NY, Rockland, Bergen County. $100. for both.
  2. Rims w/used snow tires $60. Pickup only. Bergen County, NJ
  3. Getting a new cell phone & 6 months later all the fancy droid smartphones come out, while I'm stuck with an outdated phone thats only good for texting. And if I want to get a Droid I have to pay over $500 bucks, because I still have a year and a half on my contract. Verizon
  4. Suzuki's aren't really bad, I own a 2005 Suzuki Forenza which is similar to a Corolla.. I use it to commute to work, & so far it has been very reliable..(72,000 miles). My only complaint is the suspension, it is very stiff, had to change front struts at 45,000 smiles. Other than that I love this car. I test drove a Grand Vitara a few years back and found the suspension on that was also very stiff, felt every bump. (similar to my Forenza)
  5. Have to take some pics, but here is a link to the same style rims I have. click
  6. I actually also owned a Land Rover Discovery, thing was a tank & drove like one too. Problem is they are not very reliable & are expensive to fix. Though I learned one day how capable it was when my driveway was snowed in with about 10" of snow & I had to go to work, jumped in my Land Rover and plowed right out of the driveway without a problem. However as capable that Land Rover is, it will cost you a fortune in gasoline & probably maintenance as opposed to the Subie which is more reliable, fuel efficient & just about as capable minus the ride height. (although an Out
  7. Selling stock rims from my 98 626 ES. Looking to have them picked up. They have worn snow tires on them, throw me any offer... Looking to clean out the garage.. Rims are in Bergen County NJ, I live in Orange County NY. Either location or possible meet up point.
  8. The WRX is sweet, however it would not be comfortable to sit in with a gun belt on.. Those Recaro seats are meant to hold you in, talk about a snug fit..
  9. I'd go with a Subaru, I owned an 02 WRX which was phenomenal in the snow. It got my wife to the hospital in a snow storm when she went into labor with no problem... I traded that in for an 09 Legacy which has plenty of room & alot more comfortable. Drove that car in the last storm we had 18", got to work in the middle of that with no problems.. I wouldn't be concerned with ground clearance, we get way more snow in NY than in Virginia & its never been an issue. If I had snow tires, my Subie would be unstoppable
  10. Thanks, I was looking at pics of the stock wheels on a Golf & confirmed that. I was hoping I could unload these rims while helping out a person in need.
  11. Not sure, saw the car briefly the other day. Car belongs to my neighbors daughter who lives in another town..
  12. Trying to figure out whether my old rims from a stock 98 626 ES will fit on a 97 VW Golf, without putting them on. Wheels are in a different state.... I have decent tires on these rims & wanted to donate them to an acquaintance who desperately needs & cannot afford tires... Thanks
  13. Unless it was the V8 he's full of it, Dodge does not make a Police package with a V6 that produces 350 hp. CLICK Believe me I've driven the Charger V6 Police package, its a dog. It only looks cool.. The one with the Hemi is a different story though..
  14. I think u mean they have the 5.7L V8 which produces approx. 368 hp, the 3.5L V6's have 250 hp and are dogs..
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