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    I know I have the tail light.. here is what they look like.. I think I have a new one as well..
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    Id cover suspension first, as the car is plenty fast IMO, and can be made faster later. poly sway bar endlinks can be purchased at most auto parts stores, but you can get them direct from the energy suspension website. this is to replace the old rubber stock ones. id upgrade the sway bar bushings as well, why not. again, to replace old rubber. that covers some body roll, along with droop and extension. struts can be upgraded with tokico blues for a slightly firmer and controlled ride, coils too if you have the $. coilovers and 2nd gen (93+) tokico illuminas for the front, and 88-92 blues for the rear is my goal. body roll and control should be well covered by then. braking could be covered as well, stainless steel lines and ceramic pads would make me happy. thats my goal. it all depends on your budget and how far you want to go with it. i cant draw a line with my car, i know its potential and i cant stop myself from trying to get there...even if it takes me till retirement. its a daily driver like yours, but its slowly becoming a terror on the streets... these are mostly tame DD upgrades. so let me know if you want to go further. and your budget too.
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    Hello all! Just want to give everyone a quick update on this car. We have acquired the car from Phil and we will be running the car in the Chumpcar series in B class and should be very competitive with it as a rental car. We are all on another team as well already competing in Chump so we are familiar with what it takes to have fun and finish races as we've been pretty successful with that car in the toughest class (C class). We are in the process of installing a REAL FSZE engine in the car which we also already have in possession and torn down to confirm it's a real ZE. The plan is for the car to debut in Sept at the Sebring race which is our home track. We got tons of spares with the car and some of the stuff we will never use. Keep and eye out for a FS thread with some of those parts in the next couple of days.
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    I haven't bumped this since november? Wow... Well I'm not dead.. Recently installed: FMIC, charge piping and intake redone. T-bolt clamps. MSD 6al box w/ tach adapter. Temporary install location. Full 2.5 stainless mandrel exhaust, 2.5 dual outlet Spintech muffler. $15 fog lights painted with Krylon 'stained glass, canary yellow' Yonaka front coilovers installed. Rears going on eventually. 03-05 Mazda 6 front brake upgrade in progress. Almost ready for install. Euro spec two tone side mirrors. Old OEM rotor I had lying around, next to Rockauto special Mazda 6 rotor. (2X drilled slotted rotors for $80) Meh. More to come probably. Lots left to do, a couple things in the works.
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    Hi, i have a mazda 626 1980. I want a diff that fits it other than rx7. What diffs fit mazda 626 1980
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    Are you talking diff centre or the whole assembly? The same diff centres from SNA Capella 616, LA2 929, CD2 121, RX7 up to and including S2. All these are 24 spline axles. You cannot use LA23 RX4 or CD23 RX5/Cosmo, LA4 929L as they are 28 spline. If you are talking about complete differential assemblies, you will need to modify all to fit. None are directly interchangeable with CB2 626.
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    For those of you following my saga (yes I know there are MILLIONS of subscribers) --- I replaced the distrib. today. I gotta say, any hesitation is totally gone. The car runs freaking GREAT. Well, great for 230,000 miles - still has some funny idle up/down action at stops, but nothing I am worried about. Puh-LENTY of pulling power up hills in low gear, or anything else.
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    Don't you just love it when a package changes a shitty day into a nice one? :D http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa175/Fred-Inge/Mazda/Mazda 626 v6/2017-04-07 15.10.04_zps4qqxfmmc.jpg http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa175/Fred-Inge/Mazda/Mazda 626 v6/2017-04-07 15.10.46_zps2piwpjme.jpg http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa175/Fred-Inge/Mazda/Mazda 626 v6/2017-04-07 15.11.02_zpsfhtlmlmv.jpg http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa175/Fred-Inge/Mazda/Mazda 626 v6/2017-04-07 15.12.26_zpsb11fr9pn.jpg Condition is bad, but it's still ok as these are RARE! "Getting photos to work on the forums sux so bad, admin plz fix."
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    Ever wondered what the JDM second generation Mazda Capella (or first gen Mazda 626 for the rest of us) looked like? Well, check this video, it's a great visual reference: I wonder how much of it is original? (there's a DOHC badge on the back... That's incredible if the JDM Capella really came with a DOHC engine!) Those minilite-style wheels certainly aren't factory, but damnit, I want those on mine!! It'll go great with the bronze paint.
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    Where the DOHC badge has been stuck, is where the 626 badge should be located. No unfortunately, there were no DOHC Mazda motors available at the time. The first true DOHC motor B6 1600 came out in the 1985 BF Familia GTX and it was FWD. You US guys also missed out on the flush front because of the "standardise the headlights" rule to make them easily replaceable all over the US. Australia did not receive the front fender mirrors as these were deemed a potential hazard in frontal impacts with pedestrians. This video of the genuine S2 626 Capella sales brochure is what you should be looking at for styling cues. I would happily sacrifice my left nut to obtain the wood grain steering wheel, wood grain gear knob and wood grain centre fascia. These are true "Unicorn" options!
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    You know frankly, I didn't even think to check that. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Oh my god, they're beautiful.
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    We've now been upgraded to the latest and greatest for forum software. We tried to keep it as similar as possible. The site is "catching" up for the next few days so please hang in their as it rebuilds all of the old posts. Thank you everyone for your patience, going to go get some ZZZzzz's now Many more good changes coming soon! -NDM/Josh
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    Here's the same one, but OCR with links you can click on to skip around: 1997 EU WSM_OCR.pdf So you can cntl-f to search also which makes it way easier to find stuff. You can also get a few more manuals here, including the fn4a-el tranny manual: http://www.mazdabg.com/ftp-uploads/626/GF-GW%20workshop%20manual/
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    Colin, I am intrigued with this conversion for your Brown Beast. Aside from the extra mounting holes in the front guards and rear quarters, the rear bumper should cause you no real grief. As I said ages ago, the US spec nose cone looks like a hybrid S1/S2 arrangement - because it runs the 7 x 6 headlights from S1and it uses the recessed headlight surrounds to account for the flush style headlights the Aussie/European/Asian spec models received. This (to me) may indicate the headlights use the original S1 mounts, which could make the conversion to chrome bumpers, a lot easier for you. Can you give me some better pics of your nose cone assembly on your sedan? In particular: 1. How the headlights and surrounds are mounted? 2. How the nose cone bolts to the front support panel - Does it sit flush across the top radiator support panel like S1, or does it have a step? S1 vs S2 Nose cone S2 nose cone across the top radiator support panel - you can see the step forward. This is what stops an S1 nose cone from bolting straight on, before looking at the headlight mounts.
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    Yes and no. Yes the mounting brackets are exactly the same. No, you will have a gazillion holes left when you take off all the plastic trims from the front and rear of the car. Areas with many mounting holes! Example of trim mounting bracket removal - rear bumper Now you can fit a chrome rear bumper only - excludes all the extra holes in the rear quarters from the plastic bumper clips!
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    Here are some pictures but not all spare parts I have for CB2 626s:
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    S1 and S2 - again in Oz, had the same mirrors.
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    Chrome bumpers, chrome headlight surrounds and radiator grille - S1. Oh, and narrow(single row) tailights. S2 has segmented(two row) tailights.