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    By GT_FE3, 09/01/2017


  2. Guest zrutland16

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    By Guest zrutland16, 03/22/2017

    what kinda wheels do you have on it

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    By Rotated6_2, 10/02/2016

    To date:

    - 1 3/4" Exhaust

    - Bumper Over riders

    - Digital Dash Clock

    - Electronic Ignition

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    By Tim65, 06/17/2016

    Have issues with squeaky belt, especially when I turn on A/c! Would changing the belt solve the issue! I've been told that it could also be due to bad bearings in the compressor pulley. Any thoughts??

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    By e-dub, 01/24/2016

    Maintenance in 2015:

    -Replaced alternator again

    -Replaced right rear caliper again

    -New Brake master cylinder

    -New General tires all around

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