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  2. Hello all, I have a 2002 mazda with the DOHC V6 motor. I completely rebuilt the top end last year. (the car was bought with a bad head gasket so i never heard it run prior) I put it all back together and checked my timing marks at least 4 times. All the marks on the sprockets are correct but when the engine turns over it sounds like there is ZERO compression and of course it doesn't run......i parked in in the "naughty" corner for a year now and moved on to other projects because i was very frustrated. Just the other day I had some crazy thought.......even though the sprocket cams are all correct is it somehow possible that the second cam that is gear driven on each head possibly would have gotten mixed up in all of the rebuild process thus basically im running 2 intakes and two exhaust cams on the same head? I would think that Mazda would have designed in in such a way as they would not even have fit on there but that is my only other thought....i've tried looking online and cannot find any info on markings of the second camshaft that would show either IN or EX markins so i can pull the covers off and verify. Any thoughts out there for me on this? Is it even remotely possible?
  3. thanks simpson1142 for your reply on my post, Sorry for updating so late. i have checked the wires and iam not getting any spark on the wires
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  5. @admins PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD. New updated thread here...
  6. @admins PLEASE DELETE THIS TREAD. New updated thread here...
  7. Loping idle. 2002 Mazda 626 V6 2.5L. Video below. Making a new thread because a lot of updates since last time. New fuel pressure regulator, new EGR valve, new MAF sensor, new throttle position sensor, new PCV valve? Still same problem. Video below. Any other ideas folks? Please advise. Should I junk it?
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  9. Could anyone out there recommend a decent valve spring compressor for the old FE GC 2 litre 8v? Cheers Tony
  10. Looking for a complete glass sunroof panel for my 626 GD hatch. I need the cloth tray underneath as well as car was equiped with steel roof.
  11. 2002 Mazda 626 V6 2.5L Car ran great no issues. Parked it. Two days later went to drive it and car cranks but will not start. Fuel pump is running. Spark plugs have spark. Fuel pressure regulator brand new, Mass Air Flow sensor brand new, throttle position sensor new, EGR valve new. PCV valve new. What gives? Please assist? I'll post a video of me cranking it if it will help?
  12. Hello, I am new to the forums but I've had my 626 for almost a full year now. I have a 1996 626 DX 5MT with 280,000 miles on it. I bought it for a total of $800 on Craigslist in April, 2019 and it's never stopped working. It is in very rough shape both inside and out but it's got a very strong engine and everything works, has never stopped working. I love my car dearly. Something tells me I saved it from the salvage yard, and it's gone to a much better home.
  13. What was the result JoMo? I'm having exact same problem. 2002 Mazda 626 2.5L V6 Ran great, then after letting it sit for a week, tried to start mine and now it cranks but wont start. Fuel pump relay is fine. Fuel pump is pumping fuel. Fuel pressure regulator is brand new. Spark plugs are firing off. What gives?
  14. Does anyone know what the upper hose connects to? part number 21-5C9A
  15. It could be the IAC, like mazda6sic6 says. But it could also be a vacuum leak somewhere. And it's a bit more likely that you accidentally damaged one of the vacuum hoses when changing the water pump??
  16. The oil pressure sensor is at the front of the engine, down there between the alternator and oil filter. So it's not what's causing your current leak (though it might be a good idea to replace it anyway). But I suppose it's possible that when you are driving the wind is pushing the oil to the back of the engine?? And the OPS is a known weak spot on our cars.
  17. map of maf, its what controls start up. the test is simple, disconect and start. if your idle is better theres the issue, also once running with it conected, dis connect. it should die out. this is in turn feed to the computer when put into gear and the AiC then controls the idle. its balnce with the EGR( mazda is unquie because its used to cool the temp down) and the purge canister. The vacume switches that control that all can be an issue.
  18. the idle is controled by the AIC. its atop the throttle body. To simply test it, remove the wire connector and use a 9 volt battery/w wire leads to leads and tap one end off and on, listen for a click from the valve opening. If its not, remove it from throttle body and repeat test to see if the plunger moves. Try cleaning it, clogs up now and agaian.If you cant get it to move agian , its gone and replace it.
  19. Been a while since we updated this thread, Mazda still running strong. We had a renter put her pretty hard into the wall at Sebring a couple months ago. We bought another 626 for all the body panels, put new fenders, hood, doors on the car got it all painted and we'll be hitting a Double 7hr race at the end of the month.
  20. Hi guys, my v6 manual transmission cronos developed a rough idle a day after changing a leaking water pump (which I suspect was damaged by a seized thermostat). What are most likely problems causing this? And can I travel a 90mile distance with it while its idling rough? Thanks
  21. My Mazda started with the P0400 code a few weeks after replacing the timing belt and water pump. Runs and Starts good enough to drive, but put your foot into the petal and the Check Engine light flashes indicating multiple misfires. Plugs, cables, Coil Pack, and Crank Sensor are new. I'm going to do aleekat's whole search list until I find the problem. My Mazda is no longer my daily driver, so I can focus on resolving it's issues without worry about getting to work. :-).
  22. 1999 Mazda 626 2.5 V6. I've got a serious oil leak in the back of the motor. It's hard to see that section because the power steering pump is right in the way. The oil is getting all over the passenger side suspension. I've recently replaced the timing belt, water pump and much more. Someone suggested it was the Oil Sending Unit, Oil Pressure Sensor, that may have broke and is leaking. Though I already purchased the replacement unit, I was unable to find any information on the location of the unit to confirm I'm barking up the right tree before I start ripping into the job. FYI: the head gasket is dry and doesn't appear to have any leaks in that suspect area. I don't know what the problem with the site was, but I nearly lost my mind not being able to access this extremely helpful knowledge base. Please don't disappear again.
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  24. Hello, I recently bought a 2,0L coupé from 1985 and I tried to install a new radio, since the last one was stolen. I got the radio to work but when i turn on the lights, the radio turns off. I know i plugged the negative onto the illumination wire but i cant find the negative wire designed specificly to connect the head unit, do i have to wire it to the body? Also i would like to know which wire is responsible for the antenna because i dont get any AM/FM transmission. Thanks
  25. Good day to you all. Awhile back I noticed the clutch pedal point of engagement move much closer to the floor. At first I thought the problem was caused by leaking master and/u release cylinders. After changing both, it was possible to shift gears and drive the vehicle, however, the lower-than-normal engagement issue persisted. While changing said cylinders, I noticed horizontal and vertical free play in clutch release fork that I don't remember having during the previous times doing the same repair. Upon doing research the evidence seems to be pointing toward the problem being caused by a broken and/or disconnected pivot ball. Wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue and/or has insight in the matter and if so if you would be willing to share thoughts. Will try to share photos and/or videos. Thanks in advance, Joe
  26. Is there fluid coming out the overflow tank even when the temperature gauge is on normal? If so, that plus the bubbles does suggest a head gasket leak. I can't think of anything else.
  27. cdm

    Coolant Leak

    I change the water pump and no more leaking. I still have bubbles in the radiator. I have checked to oil and no radiator fluid is in the oil and there is no oil in the radiator fluid. I have check each cylinder and there is not radiator fluid in cylinders. People have told me its a head gasket but it has plenty of power. Once its warmed up i have a lot of steam and fluid coming out of the overflow tank. I am not 100% sure its a head gasket. Any thoughts before i tear in to this engine?
  28. Because this is what owning a CB2 626 is all about !
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