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  2. FIS do you think maybe the solenoid I replaced is bad? I'll check it when I get home. I have the original I'll swap it out and see if anything changes
  3. I haven't checked the codes again. My buddy has a snap on computer he diagnosed it with but he won't be able to come back to check it for a few days. I've replaced all the sensors and vacuums. Per the diagram, I have everything hooked up correctly. It ran amazing until the injector went bad. And now it's one little thing right after the other..
  4. I don't know the 87 model, but I would ohm out every damn fuse I could find with a multimeter to be sure it's good, sometimes you can hardly see that it's melted.
  5. I remember seeing this photo on facebook, do you have some more detailed pictures of the lip?
  6. Try some of the facebook pages, sadly no one ever uses the forums anymore "/
  7. Is it still throwing the fuel pressure regulator code? Keep in mind the fuel pressure regulator is vacuum based and it's a solenoid that open/closes it.
  8. I'm impressed that you're still around after almost 5 years, nice to see that you did get it sorted out, and not so nice that you where glad to get rid of the car, but on the 98-02 version Ford had most of the electronics so it wasn't as reliable as a xx-97 100% pure Mazda.
  9. The only code it was throwing was a bad fuel pressure regulator. When I take off the short hose connecting the fuel rails to each other and let it sit for a minute, it starts right up. If I connect the hose, it only spins over but won't crank.. its driving me crazy
  10. The 626 turbos are very hard to come across. I bought one recently out of Long Island in pretty good shape. What's is worth?
  11. Unlikely too much gas. Once an engine cranks and starts after, all the gas that's left in the cylinder will just get burnt up. Next thing I would do is pull codes.
  12. Pretty sure I have one in my basemen if still interested.
  13. Oh man! You weren't lying! The car feels amazing. I had bushings completely missing aswell. I can't wait for some nice weather so I can pull the car out and really drive it. Best 20 bucks u could spend!
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  15. Injector went bad. Replaced all six along with new valve cover gaskets. Tensioner broke. Replaced tensioner and timing belt. Still will not crank. Pulled hose connecting fuel rails off and it cranks and runs for a moment then dies. Replaced fuel pressure regulator. Started right up. Pat the gas and died again. Seems like it's getting too much gas. Anybody know what's going on?
  16. If I recall correctly, it was the timing belt. Check out this answer for some suggestions on how to handle and why this might be causing your issue as well: PS: I was very glad to be rid of that car.
  17. It's almost 5 year since this thread was active, most likely he got it sorted out. If yours does the same try checking the timing belt. Or make your own topic with some more detailed information.
  18. Autumn Morning Magic, my new picture on #Flickr #Photography

  19. Honda Accord lip front lip
  20. @JaysonWasHere . Happy 3-28 fam

  21. @AllAccess Are you award that your job board is down on your website?

  22. RT @c_tho: quick update guys, i've just come from my kids' school and can confirm that, in 2017, kids are still doing these…

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  24. My Mazda is doing the same thing. Did you ever get yours fixed?
  25. I know this is an old post but did you ever find a relay for the pump?
  26. I just bought this 87 mazda 2.0 fuel injected. It was not running. It turns over fine. If I use a little starting fluid it will fire up. It will not stay running. I cannot hear the fuel pump run or prime when I turn the ignition on. Thinking a fuse or relay problem. The fuse panel is missing for the box under the dash on the driver side. Anybody have a picture of that? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  27. IT'S ALIVE!!!!! Did a quick check on the Distributor Ignition signal directly on the ECU and the shit was giving out a pulse as it should, tried again up front with no luck, ran a new wire outside of the car and disconnected the old wire and it fired right up! This is the best thing in months! Lots of cleanup to do now but my motivation is much higher now! Thanks for all the help.
  28. One listen to the Ultimate Twang show, & you'll dump your #FloridaGeorgiaLine CD's at Goodwill, by the next morning…

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