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  2. Car won't fire up

    Have you tried another key? But I would guess ignition switch. Not where the key goes into but behind it.
  3. Car won't fire up

    Hey guys Sorry if this is the wrong forum or wrong section for this but I really need some help. So I have a 98 Mazda capella that I bought as a wee runner awhile back. When I first got it when I turned the key all the way around nothing would happen. I had to wriggle the key around alot while having it turned all the way around to eventual get it to fire up. Over time it would get harder and harder to start and I would have to wriggle it more and harder. now I can't get it to start at all. All the lights and electronics work but just getting it to fire up is the issue. Do you think it could be the key itself or the ignition barrel?? Or sonthing more then that? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
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  5. @AlphaVideoAudio we have your HXC-D60H. Focus control is out. Need to connect with someone ASAP

  6. RT @willmckinley: Happy 60th birthday to "Maverick" (1957–1962, ABC) from @mercurie80 #classicTV…

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  8. Our Green Land, my new picture on #Flickr #Photography

  9. Sheeesh

  10. Making a "Tidy" car "Mint" - 1997 Capella

    dumb pictures, had rotated them before posting
  11. Atx To Mtx Swap Instructions

    Sounds like electronics wise, wiring harness, MAF, ECU, speed sensor and perhaps the TB are different from ATX to MTX? I've read that the TPS is different as well so its easier to just swap entire TB's between the ATX and MTX car. I am very interested in this swap as my 16y/o son just bought a '96 with 170k that runs great and has cold a/c looks good, quite clean but reverse just died. Luckily he only paid $250 for it and I have a shop and lift and am thinking about making a more permanent solution to the weak transmissions in these cars.
  12. Making a "Tidy" car "Mint" - 1997 Capella

    This is after color sanding some areas and about 4 hours of buffing, with the exception of the bumpers and end caps - I will repaint them. I still need to add scratch and swirl remover and wax - this will happen tomorrow. Before and after:
  13. Making a "Tidy" car "Mint" - 1997 Capella

    All in all besides the fade the paint was good. I thought I'd have to color sand the entire car with 2000 grit paper. I used it on the scratches. There are 10 big ones on the whole car in total. 4 are down to primer, 2 are very noticeable the rest are there and present themselves in certain lights. Can't find the picture I have of clay bar and wet sanding. I will edit this once I find them.
  14. Making a "Tidy" car "Mint" - 1997 Capella

    I gave it a wash with dish washing liquid over regular car wash. Car washes usually have wax and because I'm cutting back the paint it will make the job harder, plus dish washing liquid strips any previous wax applied so you have a nice blank canvas and can use any polish system - Turtle wax, Mothers, Mequiars etc without having any reactions - not all brands get on with each other - that said I've mixed and matched before with no real problems - paint is the one you don't want to experiment with since its so expensive. I used wash and wax on the TX5. It also needs a proper color sand and a buff, not nearly as baldy as the Mazda though as you can see the reflections. I've buffed it quickly once since I painted it 10 years ago. I do apply wax to it as needed.
  15. While this is not going to be a project car in the sense of massive engineering transformation, I figured I'd make a build thread showcasing how to make a reasonably nice tidy condition car really stand out and show yes you can do stuff to your family car not just the project car and to prevent it from mingling with my TX5's thread. I needed a car with 7 seats for family duties - a mini van or 4x4 is not happening - I love corners and they don't, top heavy with boat like handling characteristics, no thanks. Having thought I found one which ended up being a dud - overheated and then it got hit, I started the search again and found this one. I was very pleasantly surprised when I won the auction at $1,250. This is a 1997 GW Mazda Capella wagon, apparently with Mazda Speed springs and body kit, Jasma rear muffler with a massive tip - surprisingly its very quiet this is what I dreamed about doing but may not have done. I have 140 hp of FS-DE power which could be useful if it was a 5 speed - since my wife drives it it had to be auto. So here it is, reasonably tidy for an almost 20 year old car with 144,000 kms. One family owned it since it came from Japan in 2005. The interior is very tidy and honestly it still smells like a new car. Exterior needed a wash and a quick hand polish would have helped but its me and I did far more than that. First thing I did was change the oil and filter - easy same location as the TX5. The oil was very dark and overdue by 8 months with 10w40 Penrite semi-synthetic - because FS engines don't like full synthetic so I've heard. The first pics are from the seller before I got the car. Generally no big dents or catastrophic paint damage - paint is quite dull as you can see its not hard to bring it back. Sure the bumpers have some scrapes - I will touch up and re-clear them too I also need foglamps from a SP20 - or Protege and some monsoon shields for the rear doors. First up is a full cut and polish.
  16. @Acosta 46ing? I Googled it but all it said was something from Seinfeld. What does it mean?

  17. The latest The Tom Raven Daily! Thanks to @nickturse #tcdisrupt #trump

  18. RT @noshion: @Anysxi Telmex Parque Vía 190, la estructura esta gravemente comprometida y así los están obligando a laborar.…

  19. '93 626 Lemon Racer

    We will post the livestream link here on Sat for anyone that wants to ride along during the race. Race is from 9am-11pm EST.
  20. You already know we been through it lol

  21. @MeyerSound if I fly a UPA-1P on its side, do I need to rotate the driver 90-degrees?

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  23. hi from turkey

  24. Cold Starting Problem

    Hello! We also have a Mazda 626, engine 2.0 16 valve gasoline 115hp, manual transmission 5 gears. It seems to have similar start problems as mentioned above. Hard to start when engine is cold. Possibly also a high fuel consumption; however the latter could be due to a high numer of short trips (and thus several - difficult - starts). I have also noticed that the electric cooling fan often will start immediately. I assume that the control electronics "thinks" the engine is hot, while it isn't. In a post above, I have read that the problem there could be a coolant sensor failing, and that there are two types available, ATX and MTX; they differ in resistance ranges. Could it be that, when our "house mechanic" tried to repair, the wrong type of sensor was installed? That the type with lower resistance is fitted, while it should be the type with higher. (It's just my guess - I don't know for sure - that the circuitry with this senson has a comparator and a relay that starts the cooling fan.) How can I know which of the two sensor types is the correct one?
  25. RT @WigettaftDr0ss: @eldiariodedross Acudan a estos lugares a dejar comida & agua.

  26. I'm #reading In the Shadows of the American Century by Alfred W. McCoy

  27. hi from turkey

    yes u are right actually ı am the 3. owner this car came from belgim
  28. RT @JaysonWasHere: UNO is a fun drunk game. But it takes zero skill.

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