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  2. Tire rack just dropped a pallet of new shoes!
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  4. Let me just start off by saying that this website is so awesome. I bought a 2000 2.0L manual with 297000kms two years ago and it's survived a trip across the country and back and over 50,000kms almost solely because of advice I've found here. My question arises because I'm moving across Canada (3500 kms) and I just got married so I have to bring my wife's stuff, hence towing. As far as I can tell, I can expect to be able to tow around 920 kg (2000lbs) safely as long as my brakes are okay and I'm smart with what gear I'm in. The problem I'm having is that I can't find any hitches with fitment for a 2000 626 (probably because it's not supposed to be a tow vehicle). People that have mounted hitches, what brand/model did you use? Thanks again!
  5. I thought I had taken some good pics of my alignment marks, but must not have. The crankshaft will line up with the arrow pointing at the notch at the base of the gear - first pic below. The camshaft pulleys have dots on the outer wheel - i think it was two on the pulley closest to the firewall, and then one dot on the pulley closest to the front of the car. You have to use a socket to line up the dots on the pulleys with the marks(look like an arrow or tooth) on the end of the valve covers. So i turned the crankshaft with a breaker bar to line up the arrow and notch, then did each camshaft pulley, lining the two dots on the pulley with the two marks on the valve cover for the firewall pulley, then same with front of car side pulley. Then attached the timing belt starting at crankshaft, working around tensioner and idler pulleys, then the camshaft pulley toward front of car, lastly slipping the belt onto the camshaft pulley close to the firewall - it was easier for me this way. Now I did have to remove the belt from this pulley a few times and rotate the camshaft pulley back a little, so that when I put the belt on, it moved the camshaft in perfect alignment with the mark on the valve cover. Once I had all lined up near perfect, car started right up then stopped. I think this is normal. After a couple of more cranks, started right up again and running smooth ever since.
  6. Hi all, One day out of the blue my tachometer, speedometer and heat guage simply stone dead. Can you point out a culprit for this? I surmise that since all 3 died at once the cause is probably not a fuse issue, since each is probably fused separetly and the likelyhood of all 3 blowing at the same time is in the region of winning the lottery. Do you think connector? And if so where is it located? Any other possibilities? mazdamax '93 626 ES
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  8. Could someone confirm whether the thing I circled in red in the attached photo is the automatic transmission fluid drain plug?
  9. Car was sitting for 4 years, 2.0, checked for fire and confirmed, took tank down pump screen was deteriorated and pump was not working , so changed the fuel pump, changed the filter and still no fuel pressure. And I am pulling the last of my hair out.
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  11. Is there some kind of diagram to go by for this? I'm a little confused as to where to line theses up.
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  14. Have you confirmed spark? Why did you replace those parts? 2.0 or 2.5?
  15. @LalamaJoseph @CodeNewbies Check out @TheOdinProject

  16. Here are the pic's of bushing, this is for drivers side measures 1.300" OD, 1.180" ID ,,,so mic your axle the size will be smaller when this bushing g is installed. You'll need a T gauge for the inside and a daily caliber to measure t gauge and axle , should have few thousand clearance you can check by trying to install axle if it doesn't fit you'll have to Hone or sand bushing. You don't want to much play but it must have some, this will be what you think to find actual numbers you'll have search in O/H book for trans or the manual ( someone posted factory manual here) mine is set at 10-15 thousands ,grab shaft and up down feel it just a bit but if axle goes in then should be fine. But if you can see it move up down then bushing axle should be replaced.
  17. i just replaced my coil for my mazda and i need a exploded view for my distributer to make sure i put in back right not sure if i put the plates in wrong because my car still wont star its getting spark and everything just wont start so i did a diognostics on it and got code 29 and 16 what should i do egr celonoid and cant remember what 16 was something about gas anyone got the chart for the codes and should i reset ecu
  18. This way late to answer but should help others, I have 1999 626 2.0L with auto trans. I have put thousands into this car Built engine and I did trans about year ago. They have problems CD4E Mazda has diff numbers . They wear Bushings bad replace All. Ok now for trans axle shaft bushing,,, all autos and manuals have this bushing, if you pull axle seal it will be right behind seal. My bushing fell out ,this is caused by rebuilt axles,measure the shaft size you'll see that they grind down the bushing area, axle bushing area is made to small if you check axle fit by grabbing shaft and move up down if any movement replace axle bushing and this should be done anyway when replacing axle!!!!! If you buy new axle you'll find you have to Hone bushing to get axle in. The size is 1.300 of & 1.180 I'd this is measured out of trans, they fit right on axle when not installed but when it's in trans you won't get axle in if using new and fits just right when installing rebuilt axle. If you check new axle from Mazda is more than cars is worth but you can buy a China built from eBay for less than a rebuilt from AZ OR ADVANCE CHECKER PEP BOYS ORILEYS ,not sure if you can buy new from the places above ? PRICE FOR PARTS,,,, the bushing is about $3.00 and rebuilt axle about $100 bucks ,new axle from eBay is less, trans bushing you can get from WIT ,,( WHAT EVER IT TAKES ) NAME OF TRANS PARTS PLACE.
  19. New wheels on!! Also put ARP wheel studs on all around. :D
  20. Help! 1) changed fuel pump, fuel filter, strainer, no fuel pressure! 2001 mazda 626 . I don't know what else to check, car will, of course, not start....
  21. Help! 1) changed fuel pump, fuel filter, strainer, no fuel pressure! 2001 mazda 626 . I don't know what else to check, car will, of course, not start....
  22. It seems like I solved this issue by simply filling the coolant ressy to the brim when cold. So, the reservior being half full when cold is not enough coolant for the system to work efficiently. Later out.
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  24. A great episode.

  25. RT @emmyfronge: Just popped a wisdom tooth stitch eating a mcgangbang

  26. Yeah, I don't understand that. I guess I'll try to get a new aftermarket 97 or 03. Thanks!
  27. I noticed that most parts for the 98-02 come back as discontinued . I've had to use 97 parts. Even though the part number was different it was the same part. You might see if you can order a 97 that you could return if it doesn't fit. Or an 03.
  28. RT @WLOS_13: Publix officially announces plans for new store in Waynesville #LiveOnWLOS

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