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  2. 1996 brake power booster specs
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  4. Doors aren't "catching"

    The door striker plate mounted to your door jam is adjustable. Mark an outline before you move it as a reference. Over the years it may have moved inward.
  5. Both of the doors on my 1983 626 coupe are having trouble with the door catches. It takes a good slam to close them. Car has never been in an accident, so I'm 100% sure it's the latches. What do you do to make them work better? I've tried lubrication...
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    Whenever you are ready and up for it, give me shout and we can work on that poor car again and do videos, It'd be great to catch up too
  7. Hi all, new here to the forums. I am replacing my brake power booster and master cylinder and for the life of me I cannot find the spec for the gap between the power booster push rod and the master cylinder. Does anyone know where to find this info? Thanks in advance
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  9. Only half of my dash lights work my left turn signal works the right does not the left half a speedometer is lit up the right is not that whole side is out I checked all the inside fuses they are all good all of my outside lights and blinkers work correctly it is just a dash on that side any help would be appreciated thank you
  10. Only half of my dash lights work my left turn signal works the right does not the left half a speedometer is lit up the right is not that whole side is out I checked all the inside fuses they are all good all of my outside lights and blinkers work correctly it is just a dash on that side any help would be appreciated thank you
  11. First post so sorry for weird formatting. My question is what modifications would be needed to swap the engine and trans from an 88 626 turbo into a 2002 i4 626? if this has been asked before please link me. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello all, The MTX on my 1991 non-turbo 2.2L is done. I would like to replace it myself. I am trying to avoid the junkyard. Does anyone have a good part number for my MTX or the appropriate Ford Probe MTX? Thanks.
  13. l can tell you that what you said about 2001 and after have imm. thats not so my daughters 626 2.0l auto Did Not have an immobilizer it was a 2002. My 1999 626 2.0l auto has immobilizer and i lost 1 of the keys, so I got the numbers off the unit located next to the OBD2 port called a company and got the 8 digit code, I bought a Real mazda blank had it cut and then had a couple shots of JD and went over and over the info on how to program the 2nd key, I posted the instructions here or Djvon did for me it's a nightmare to do , I got it first time, drinking helps.... Anyway I know that if you try and start car with the wrong transponder key or one not programmed to the car 3 times in a row the computer will shut down and keep car from starting, go ahead ask me how I know this ! DON'T USE CLONE KEY BLANKS they won't program to key programming hack. I had to take to dealer and have it brought back to life.. I don't have to worry about that any more since I bought a NGS STAR SCAN TOOL ( Pic's posted here )a Mazda card for the image of ECU and the diagnostics card, and wife has a 04 SHO Taurus so I have bought all the cards for keys and CAN , sorry I got off track. So maybe problem might have been ignition, key, Did you have spark gas, fuel pump, fuel pressure . I think that's as much as I know, wondering about harness .Scan tool, you don't have to spend a lot. Start by getting an Elm327 ver.1.5 you don''t need the one with switch std. mode is HS which will read what you have, you can get BTHOOH for 12 bucks I got a Kobra from Amazon. Then download Forscan search google for it, and you can buy the key,security system program from them the main program is dealer level and Free key stuff cost so crooks don't take advantage . It's only for Ford Mazda. So don't try a unknown key, get starter fluid give a shot see if it hits then go from there.
  14. Tranny

    I'm not sure if it would make the trans act up, I'm assuming your talking about the magnetic sensor driver side above the metal to cooler hose, it is like crank or cam sensor, you can mount it a vise or clamp attach multi meter to the leads doesn't matter which lead to connector wires get a a flat piece of metal like a scale(ruler ) wave the metal back and forth in front of pick up and watch the multi meter and see the voltage change . You have to wave fairly fast to get it to change. The problem with the CD4E or AL4A-EL transmissions that most owners don't know about is the LINE PSI is it goes very high sometimes, I found out the hard way myself. They make a shift kit for Valve body that gives some springs and pistons and template to drill the 2 plates to regulate the line pressure , you can buy them for 30 - 40 bucks, and you'll have to also buy 2 plate gaskets for 10-15 bucks. It's really simple to do yourself. I have a 99 626 auto trans that would only get 3rd gear it had reverse but would only take off forward in 3rd. I'm not a trans mechanic, I fly and work on Biz Jets, but I do my own automotive repairs. So I removed the trans got a couple long tables and tore the trans down and set the parts on table so that the last part that came out was the First part back in. When i got to the First Second clutch drum it had 3/4" of the top broken off completely from the line pressure and thats why it only had 3rd gear...Sorry about long post but its important to look at the big picture ! You didn't say model of car but if you go to YOUTUBE and search for CD4E or Mazda model LA4A-EL same trans you'll get the idea about the Shift kit and why line pressure cause problems in these transmissions. You can change fluid make sure level is correct never over fill. I bought my Shift kit from Amazon but Ebay has them. If you do build your trans make sure you upgrade some of the parts like clutch drums and bushings they go bad but you can do some reading. I forgot the shift Solenoids can make it act up you can check resistance and also use a 12vcc wire to connector and listen to hear them click. but for 120 dollars you can get the pair and install them. I hope you find the simple fix for your problem.
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    Will a bad turbine speed sensor cause my transmission to act erratically, drive normally for a few blocks and quit pulling and then drive normally after a few minutes?
  17. Tranny

    Will a bad turbine speed sensor cause my transmission to act erratically, drive normally for a few blocks and quit pulling and then drive normally after a few minutes?
  18. Who do you report spam poststo?

    That is so darn obvious!!!! Stored in brain for future reference! Thank you, sir.
  19. hello everyone this my first Mazda GC 626 gt turbo it only has 84,000 miles on it .when the car is running it makes a clicking sound it almost sounds like a sewing machine. i was wondering if this car has mechanical or hydro lifters. if they are mechanical what are specs for the valve lash on cold engine
  20. 1997 Capella S/W with Mazdaspeed goodness

    Well I've been lazy - nothing on the engine except today I gave it new spark plugs. It does smoke occasionally, not as bad on start up as the pictures now. A bit on deceleration. Using 15 w 40 oil. Using less between changes now but its still using a bit - 500 odd ml in 6,000 kms. Should get a new PCV - sprayed it with carb cleaner helped clean it a bit but it should be replaced. Took out the scungy air filter. Alternator and PS belts are worn and need replacing. Have to send it in Monday to get it road legal. Registered but not gone over the pits. ABS and traction lights come on randomly sometimes which is an un-needed pain it the bum. ECU related cos if you restart it, they will turn off. Spent money on a new bike - it was a damn good deal but it has impacted on car stuff, mainly the Capella. I am having a very hard time getting another 5 speed gearbox for the TX5.
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    Good to hear from you again DJ. Can relate to life getting between projects, watching as you update.
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    i would not bother with the engine stand if you are not taking the trans of :) Just prop it up on the belt side and do it where it sits.
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    I seriously wish all forums used a CDN like we're lucky enough to have. Lots of other car forums are graveyards now, just a shell of what used to be useful. I have successfully used the Way Back Machine to sort of get around ****bucket's desperate EA-style grab for money, but sometimes the archived pages don't have all the pictures. As far as mounting it with the trans attached, I think that's what the side mounting option is designed for, but that's a heck of a lot of weight cantilevered out with the entire long block and trans hanging out there off a couple bolts on one side of the block...
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    Problem is Andy and I pulled the engine and trans together in one shot. The trans is connected and I have no desire to unbolt the damn thing just to put it on the engine stand. The engine looked freshly rebuilt so I don't want to mess with the internals. All I'm trying to do is the timing belt and finish up the 2nd part to that damned V6 timing belt video... 2 years later lol. Looks like all the pictures in this build up to page 100 are indeed intact on the 626 CDN... whew! Only like 3 images from the last page since Feb 21, 2017 have that huge 3rd party photobucket logo instead of the real image. Only 3 images to grab but when I went to get them they still showed the 3rd party hosting logo not my actual images... on their own website. What d**ks. Thankfully they showed the images using their slideshow so I snagged them from the slideshow. Far as I know only 1 post to fix on page 100 of this build, 3 images, already snagged uploaded and fixed. :) THANK GOD FOR MAZDA626.NET CDN... BRILLIANT MOVE THAT SAVED THIS ENTIRE TOPIC and all topics that once used photobucket for image hosting. This build isn't much of an adventure without all the pictures really. Thank you admins for having the foresight to do that whole image CDN thing. Worth it. <3
  27. Overdrive keeps shutting off

    So here is what I have found out so far, though it is not fixed yet. I took it back to the transmission shop, and they said the transmission is not throwing off any codes, and nothing is wrong with it. He test drove it, but the problem did not occur for him. He thinks it is one of two things, the overdrive switch is bad, or there is a short in the wiring. After I picked it up, I think I eliminated the switch being the issue, as the handle was not screwed on, and just came off. If the wire for the overdrive was not broken or shorting out before, it certainly was now. So I have been driving it for the last two weeks like this, and the overdrive is still turning off and on. So next week, I am taking it in to have them fix the wiring and check for shorts. By the way, I have completely removed the switch and wiring now, and the overdrive is staying on so far. But all the switch does is ground out the wire, telling the transmission to turn on or off.
  28. Replacing headlight socket on 2002 Mazda 626?

    Happened to me recently- the connection becomes loose and creates heat. I was able to go to AutoZone and buy a new headlight socket. The brand is Dorman, part number 9003. It will look different than the original, but will work fine.
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