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  3. I am having a similar issue with my 1999. Master and slave cylinders replaced 2 years ago, new clutch 1 year ago. Did you ever get any answers?
  4. Hello, I’m new to the forum and also new to Mazda ownership. I bought this 1989 626 recently as a small project. The main issue being it needs a new rear LH door. I’ve tried removing the dents but without much success, and the crease at the base of the door will probably be very difficult to remove. So I’m in search for a new door, and I’m prepared for a wait as I can’t imagine there’s many of these left in the UK (let alone panels for them!). I’m based in London and if anyone knows where I could source a replacement in the UK I’d be keen to hear. I’ve tried the usual eBay search, and have contacted several breakers yards and Mazda parts suppliers but without success. It's a nice car overall and doesn't need much work apart from the door. It has a bad oil leak from the rocker cover so that's on the list, and a few areas of surface rust underneath and on the off-side sill that I'll treat and rust proof. Other than that I'll just get on and use it once I secure a new MoT.
  5. Breaking Mazda 626

    Bit of a long shot, but do you still have this? I'm after a rear near side door for mine, preferably complete with glass.
  6. I have a 1999 Mazda 626 with manual transmission. Both the master and slave cylinders were replaced just 2 years ago, and the clutch was replaced last year. But suddenly I am having serious trouble shifting 80% of the time. And then today the clutch started feeling sticky. Any suggestions? I am a social worker and really depend on my car to be able to do my job.
  7. Fractal Symmetry, my new picture on #Flickr #Photography

  8. RT @larrypareigis: 47 years ago The Jackson Five hit #1 on the Hot 100 for the first of 5 weeks with 'I'll Be There'. #MusicIsLegend https:…

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  10. RT @WKRG: Photo of Roofers Standing for National Anthem Goes Viral

  11. RT @tribecalledquis: 🗣SO ARE MID RANGE JUMPERS @BenSimmons25

  12. @VW six years/70 2K miles warranty is good start to show you're serious about reliability. But 10 year/100k warranty is better.

  13. Answer song to Jim Reeves' "Mexican Joe". This was Carolyn Bradshaw's only top ten record.…

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  16. Good talk about productivity for those who aren't Productivity Gurus.

  17. Just it it with a hammer! Bit of a backstory - about a month and a half ago I had to replace the alternator in my 626. The thing that slowed me down most of all was the blasted locknut on the tensioner for the alternator belt. Ended up having to cut the belt in order to get the car apart. Once I removed the alternator, and the tensioner I found that the nut had been molested to all Hell (much like the rest of the car when I first got it), had been rounded enough to roll down a hill. Ended up having to force the new belt into place with everything reassembled. Not recommended I know...though at the time it was the only way I was going to get the car back on the road. Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago, the wrecker I go to got a Eunos 30X, which I grabbed the entire tensioner bracket assembly from. Once again, the nut was frozen solid, though I grabbed the assembly since the nut was in much better shape than the nut on mine. I've been trying to get it un-done mostly with a combination of brute-force, and drowning it in WD-40. Finally tonight i gave the damn thing a few good hits with a hammer, and went hell for leather on it with the breaker bar. Finally got the bastard! During the alternator replacement process I nicknamed that locknut the "Nemesis Nut"...rather proud of myself at the moment :)
  18. Looks nice. Nice to see some Telstar seems that here in Australia few people seem to care about old Telstars and 626's....about 9 months ago I actually came across a GD at the wreckers that looked like a complete time warp. Looked like it had the original paint, panels were all perfect, interior was like a new car. If I had the money and space for another car I probably would've made an offer for the whole thing and saved it.
  19. RT @MrsScottBaio: They did not fire Harvey Weinstein because they found out he was a sexual predator. They fired him because we found out!

  20. Spring Colours MMXVI, my new picture on #Flickr #Photography

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  22. Today after using ultimate compound and then scratch and swirl. Some big scratches still there overall its shiny and clean.
  23. Today after using ultimate compound and then scratch and swirl. Some big scratches still there overall its shinier and clean. Didn't do the kit or front bumper because they will be repainted. Same with the mirrors
  24. Monarch MMXVI, my new picture on #Flickr #Photography

  25. It’s payday so idc

  26. Guys, I am really frustrated with my car. I am so fed up with this VCG issue that I am ready to sell the the car. Everything about the car is in great working shape and I would love to keep it as a daily driver but I am ready to smash it with a sledge. its an 01 with the 2.5. I have changed the VCG's four times in the last 2 years. They continue to leak oil on the headers and if I drive the car more than an hour it smokes so bad that it looks like a camp fire is burning under the hood. The car leaks about a quart of oil every 400 miles. I have done the VCG's by the book the last two times. I used new gaskets I bought off ebay, put RTV in the places the manual says to and torqued the bolts to spec. I even tried a different RTV the last time and swtiched from red to black. What could I be doing wrong? Is this something a dealer should be able to figure out? I cant imagine it is common for the covers to warp, is it?
  27. While it was drying I gave the paint some TLC. Sure it was shiny but the paint was dirty the water was yellow even after 4 passes. I also started to fix some of the paint damage. Hoping tomorrow is good I'm going to bring out the polish. Is now: This looks bad. It left a small dent Now: After the clay bar:
  28. Interior is all one color and matches, apart from the steering wheel.
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