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  2. Is it just me? I have had a hell of a time bringing up the forum over the past few months, seems like 3/4 of the time it's down... Rockauto hasn't posted a new discount code recently... What's going on?
  3. Have a 1995 626 ES with the 2.5L manual transmission. The check engine light code is a 16. What is the fix for that code? I have replaced the EGR value already.
  4. I bought a 1995 Mazda 626 for the sole purpose of being ignorant and having fun as a second car. I love ripping the 5 speed but I have started nodding it. New cold air intake, new wheels, and a performance exhaust. Looking to slam the car pretty low to the ground. Saw a set of coilovers that would provided 4 inches of lowering. I'm really wanting to pull the trigger but wanted to know if anybody had anymore options available in the 600-800 dollar price range. Just dont know if 4 inches is enough. I heard of aftermarket top hats but could find any for a mazda 626. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks. I fixed my error 25. I dont have error codes anymore. But i still have an issue, i get low idle if i start my air condition. Any thoughts?
  6. Hey there everyone! I'm looking into a suspension upgrade on my 1986 626 LX and I came across these: https://www.amazon.com/Yonaka-Compatible-1993-1997-Coilovers-Suspension/dp/B00A0V17CY I was curious is I could use the stock top hats and spring seats for these coilovers or if I'm gonna have to get creative with bolting the coilovers up. The car handles like a boat and it's in dire need of a suspension overhaul. Any help would be fantastic! Thanks!
  7. Hate to bump, i know the topic has been sittings for 2 years+, but i wonder if that is all the codes there is? Got a european 323 BJ (protege body, obd1 system (matching 93-95 US 626 mechs-ii (once verified by abs error), does have ten and fen pins, from 2000, vin decoder says hiroshima factory '98), and my check engine light pops up on engine start when cold, aswell as turning the steering wheel when standing still, and slower speeds.. if power steering was a possible code, i might know where to look, but my 323 does not leak, no low power steering fluid, and it does not behave differently
  8. RockAuto would love to work with your upcoming car show, cruise-in, swap meet, etc. by providing promotional items to use in your goody bags or registration packets. These items include our collector series magnets and our postcard-sized fliers. We will also send you a gift certificate to use as door or raffle prize. All offered to you at no cost. Email marketing@rockauto.com for more information.
  9. You can start the engine when the gear shift is in Park, but the engine stops as soon as you shift into Drive? Is that what you are saying? Or are you saying you can only start the engine if the shifter is in Park, but cannot start the engine if the shifter is in Drive? Because that is normal. It is supposed to be impossible to start in Drive, for safety.
  10. Hey y’all. I’ve been looking for new head lights for my 02 Mazda 626 and can’t find any decent ones that have “02” or “2002” in the title. So my question is do 98-99 headlights fit an 02? Or does anyone know where they sell aftermarket headlights that doesn’t have the manufacture look?
  11. AFAIK, the Miata 1.8 is a different bellhousing from the F2. The reason you can put an F2 in a Miata is the bellhousing from a B-22/2000 fits to the Miata Tranmission. You'd be better off sticking to F2/F2T, Or FE3 DOHC. The 1.8 will be an all custom project.
  12. It has later started, but once u engage gear, it wont be firing.but on pack gear it will. Solution please help
  13. Neat! We don't get the hatchback in North America. I'm just guessing, but the rear wiper and trunk lock problems might be related. And one of the most likely places for an electrical problem that would affect both wiper and lock is where the hatch wiring bends, right where it passes from the body of the car to the hatch. So see if the wring looks damaged there.
  14. The 626 boys and girls representing at Daylesford Motorfest 16.02.2020 Later on in the day when we had some room to move.
  15. Well it's a european hatchback, like this one here. So it has a rear wiper as well.
  16. Welcome to the board! (Not many people on here nowadays.) Plug wiring: Here are the cylinder numbers: Firewall 1,3,5 ,2,4,6 Radiator. And they connect to the coilpack like this: 4,1 5,2 6,3 Afraid I can't help you with the electrical.
  17. Welcome to the board! I never heard of any 626 having a rear wiper! Which country are you in (maybe it's different there)? Or maybe it's an aftermarket add-on?
  18. So we got our 1996 V6 626 two years ago, and I may end up inheriting it (and its issues) in a while. So, there are two main issues I have with it currently, and they might be tied together. The first, and arguably most severe problem is that the trunk refuses to lock, both via the central locking system, and via the rear lock. The second issue is that the rear wiper is acting possessed. Occasionally it'll start up and wipe away to its hearts content (completely at random and unaffected by the controls), and occasionally it'll stop. When it doesn't start up randomly, it usually follows wha
  19. Hello im new in here. im from Denmark an living in a bad place at winter, so i have restored the ca by sandblasting and metallized and painted 80 procent of the bottom of the car an whole engien compartment. and every spareparts i have changet on the car. i have changed my engien becourse i was sandblasting the engien block that was so rusty that i blastet troug the engien block. so i now have a 1999 engien in my car now. and 2 engiens to play with so i can learn how to dismantle a engien and assemble it again and also shine up the engien, thats my projekt now. u can see my pictures on my pr
  20. Please i need you guys help urgently. I changed my pistol rings which was bad,bringing white smokes. After that my car refuses to start but eventually after checking the electrical,it starts but jerking. Then i called an electrician to fix it, he says we have to service the nozzles. When he is done, my car wont start up again. Its not showing the key indicator on the dashboard, when u put the key, other signs on the dashboard shows except that key indicator. Please i need help. And also i misplaced how to arrange the plug wiring. I need help please. My car is Mazda 626 2001
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