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  2. There are advantages. I pay no personal property tax on the 626 (here you get to pay taxes on stuff you "own"), no annual inspection (not necessarily a bad thing), and no annual registration fee. Either way, it now has antique plates on. The plate itself is a solid piece of aluminum that was conveniently not the same dimensions of the normal plate. I had to modify the plate a bit to get it to fit in the license plate holder by trimming the top a bit and all the corners.
  3. Know the difference. #eclipsememes #eclipse2017

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  5. For any Victorians interested in attending, I am trying to get as many 626s together as possible, whether RWD or FWD. It would be good to see you there.
  6. RT @DeAndresCalm: The rareness of meeting people with attractive minds 😪

  7. Just finished a 2.49mi run with pace of 12:28/mi with #EaseInto5K

  8. Vintage plates and rules sound like a real pain
  9. I'm in the us and need help finding a replacement front strut spring mine broke and I haven't been able to get a replacement any and all help would be greatly appreciated
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  11. I'm just wondering if this has been done? Seems to use the wheel well for leg room once the boot carpet and spare wheel cover is removed? I'll get some tyre foam for in case of a flat. It's a bit hard to find a factory GV 7 seat wagon for a decent price. which would be perfect for a family hack and learner runabout car. Why? *Need a cheap auto car for step son to learn to drive in. Step son has no interest in manual his words finds it far too difficult. Wife is scared of manual in traffic and doesn't like it much. A pity this in manual would be perfection for the circumstances. *Need 7 seats. Hate minivans and SUVs to me they drive like crap and under powered if 4 cylinder, but I prefer 4 cylinders because fuel is a rip off. I use my motorbike if its only me. *Ford Falcon is too big according to wife and stepson. Plus dumb old NZ keep taking away LPG pumps - Falcon is dedicated LPG, finding fuel absolutely sucks. I'd love a petrol Falcon - big, comfortable, handles nicely - but a 4 litre 6 cylinder at $2.10 a liter is too expensive. With LPG at $1.38 a litre the wagon takes 115 litres to fill $150 and you get 460 km around town, not that we do its $20 here and $30 there. Long trip 750 km it is amazing on long trips. F8/Fe-dohc gets a tick from me, decent power for a stock 4 cylinder and not bad on fuel for what they are about $85 for a full tank about 500 km in the city give or take and 620km on long trip. I can live with auto I guess it is just one sacrifice.
  12. If it has an immobilizer you can replace the ECU for one without an immobilizer, that will fix the problem IF it actually is the immobilizer.
  13. The latest The Tom Raven Daily! Thanks to @petermforster @roisinking #leadership #hr

  14. RT @uespiiiiii: 【危険な24枚テーブルクロス引き】

  15. Hi everyone! In Australia, the front lower control arms for the GD are becoming more and more hard to find brand new with the bushes and ball joints already pressed in and ready to go. GE Control arms on the other hand are a completely different story, they can be sourced anywhere in AUS. Will a GE Control arm bolt straight up to a GD? Cheers guys
  16. Sometimes, the original version of a song gets overshadowed by a later cover version. This is a…

  17. If we can sing Ja Rule together, you da one

  18. All you can do is search immobilizer. You might get lucky.
  19. Got both cars unloaded after a very long week, #626 had private test day at Sebring and the sister car #407 just finished 15th overallm (out of 97) at the 24hrs of VIR.
  20. There is no difference. You can get vintage plates like what I have on my MG which go up until 1972. After that, the year is no longer part of the plate and you get a generic antique plate (black with white text or yellow with black text). It varies on how police enforce it. I feel like I mentioned the 3, but who knows where. It gets awesome fuel mileage (54mpg when I really try). I've raced it more than my Miata in the past two years which is sad. Anyway, happy to get this moving again.
  21. you think anyone here has disabled the immobilizer system? its like almost $200 for a damn key.
  22. Thanks for the kind words.. I didn't notice any difference with the ABS system when I fitted the rims.. Steering is better though.
  23. My 2005 Mazda Tribute has been leaking fluid for a short while now and I'm wondering if it may be the head gasket . I haven't moved it far , just to see how long it would take to over heat . The reservoir is still up almost to the max line but there is small amounts leaking out onto my driveway . Could a hose be blocked and making it leak ? Also , I had to refill the coolant a few weeks ago because it was empty . When I refilled it I had it on ramps and took the cap off while it was cool and let it run for a bit with the cap off to try to ovoid air locks . It was working for about 3 days but it's gone back to leaking and over heating .
  24. Are antique plates different than historical plates? I know in Ohio at least they don't seem to be enforced much. One guy I knew DD'd his BMW Bavaria for over a year with historical plates and no issue. I can't think if I remembered you getting a 3 or not. Another friend bought the same car at the same time, lol.
  25. My 2015 Mazda 3 has been the DD. Bought new and now has 45k miles after almost 2 years. Here in VA, a vehicle with antique tags has specific rules. I wouldn't technically be allowed to drive it to work, to the store, etc. Only really for testing/pleasure (within a specific radius of the garage location), and to car shows/shops. It varies on how much it is enforced. I would want to drive it once in a while to work for testing, of course.
  26. Is this still your current DD, or has it been sitting for a while?
  27. RT @TomiLahren: If you freak out over white supremacists yet defend sharia law-sorry you're not as much of a "social justice warrior" as yo…

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