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  2. Take advantage of current promotions and manufacturer rebates at RockAuto! Fall Rebates on Shocks/Struts and Complete Strut Assemblies Purchase combinations of two or four qualifying Monroe (through September 30, 2018) or Rancho (through October 31, 2018) ride control products and get up to an $80 Visa Prepaid Card. Purchase two or four qualifying KYB ride control products and get up to a $100 Visa Prepaid Card (through September 30, 2018). Shocks, struts and complete strut assemblies are found in the “Suspension” category of the RockAuto catalog. Power Stop Rebate Save up to $50 on select “Rotor & Brake Pad” and “Caliper, Rotor & Brake Pad” kits from Power Stop during the month of September! Power Stop takes the guesswork out of replacing your brakes by offering pre-assembled kits that contain components pre-matched to optimize performance, durability and appearance. Go to the RockAuto catalog and click on the "Brake/Wheel Hub" category. More Rebates Go to the Promotions and Rebates page to see details for the Power Stop, KYB, Monroe and Rancho rebates and additional rebates for Drivetrain parts, Nerf Step Bars, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wire Sets, Tonneau Covers and more being offered by ACDelco, Autolite, Lund, Omix-Ada, USA Standard Gear, Westin and Zumbrota Drivetrain.
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  6. It is alsoo referred to as the Receiver Drier. I collects system debris to keep the system operating at optimal efficiency.
  7. That is your air conditioning "Accumulator".
  8. 1999 Mazda 626 LX 4 cylinder - What is the circled item?
  9. Interesting. I don't know much about ABS wheel speed sensors, but my initial internet research revealed that the part numbers for 93-97 626s were different than even the 98+ sensors (from a part # perspective). From what you're saying I can just walk out to the junkyard and find any mazda and grab ABS wheels speed sensors off of it?
  10. If you do a little bit of research on google, every single image on there will show you what and/or where the wheel speed sensors are located. They are generally identical across all other brands of vehicles and has not changed for decades.
  11. Hey y'all, I haven't used this forum much but I'm trying to locate a front left and right ABS wheel speed sensor for 93-97. It's actually going on a probe but the probetalk website died. I know this is probably the wrong forum but I don't have enough posts for the trade/buy forum. Thanks!
  12. My first question regards the Adjustable Electronic Suspension. Can parts still be sourced for it?  trutsCan you just replace the struts with stock struts and essentially disable the system?  1828442878_ZumZumLT3_4FT.thumb.jpg.a7917823ec27bbe68c5b021068a77eec.jpg

    Zum Zum Rt 3.4 RR.jpg

    Zum Zum FT Seats from LT.jpg

  13. Looking forward to being on this forum and hope to get lot's of help and advice from members.

  14. Hi Everyone I own a '93 Ford TX5, which has the same engine as a MX6 or 626 with the 2.5V6 engine. KL engine Please have a look at the picture. There's 3 places one can add water/cooling solution to the radiator system. Can anyone kindly explain to me which each one's purpose is please? Thank you.
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  16. Motor mount broke car died now it will go in gear but only pull a few feet then it's like somebody puts on the brakes 

  17. jacobstammy62@gmail.com

    Transmission problem

    My front motor mount broke at store. When it broke my car died started fine but when I put it in gear the engined died so I done the brake and gas thing to get it home about 3 miles parked and oD light blinking . Shut off engine next day went started the car started fine went and put it in gear died. Now the car isn't dying in gear but it will only move 2 feet then quits it's going into gear but not moving replaced the safety neutral switch still want move but a few feet in drive or reverse please help thanks
  18. aleekat

    Issues with the TRS

    Your dealer never looked in the shop manual. Shop Manual Section 05-17B-11(starts there) This is for the 98 but it's the same.
  19. iryti71

    Issues with the TRS

    Hello everyone, Ive lurkes on here for a long time and gotten a lot of good information. Im hoping to continue that streak now. I have searched and search for this information amd there seems to be a ton of unresolved threads on the subject. Car: 2000 626 2.5 v6 with a gf4a-el transmission. Issue. It tripped a code for a fault in the range sensor. It got changed and now it will start in park and neutral. Park, reverse and 1 all work just fine. D and 2 wont catch, meaning when i am at a stop, the engine just spins. When in 2...same thing. When the car is in 1...it starts out just fine, then when the gear gets going to about 3k revs i can switch it to 2 or D and it drives just fine. The code is gone and the car isnt tripping any transmission fault codes. Dealer and transmissions shops are saying the tranny is just fine but the switch needs to be adjusted. The threads are saying there is an aligment tool...dealer says there is one and i got one on a loaner....its the wrong one. I tried wiggling it, rotating it 1 degree at a time and tightening the bolts back down. I tried adjusting the rotating inner bezel....this has got NO love for me. This is an adjustment question. In all the threads i have seen some off the wall answers like adding oil coolers and stuff....i just need to know how to adjust the switch. There doesnt appear to be a tool for this. Attached are the front and back if the part, ghe tool and a pic if how the tool doesnt fit the opening it is supposed to. PLEASE HELP!!!
  20. chadstone03

    Wheel sizing - deathtrap?

    97 626 Sedan 4cyl Auto 130000 I had 14" rims on before, just installed some 17" Hyundai Elantra's with 235/45 tyres. Apparently the offset on these are +56 (Google search) I've heard a few scrapes when coming to a stop. Temporary or dangerous? I know nothing, I love my 626. Cheers.
  21. Rotated6_2

    Australian Owners Sign In.

    Not a turbo, but for sale down here in Victoria.
  22. CUB075

    Australian Owners Sign In.

    Thanks mate, nice to be here. If it wasn't for the internet; sourcing parts would never happen out here lol
  23. Rotated6_2

    Australian Owners Sign In.

    Welcome mate. Could you live in a more remote area?!!! Finding parts must be a bitch!!!!
  24. CUB075

    Australian Owners Sign In.

    Hi all, Car: 1986 GC 626 turbo coupe Engine: FET 2.0i 5 Speed Location: Broken Hill (Outback) NSW Name: Chris
  25. Still on the hunt for one of these 86 GC 626 turbo clusters. (KM's odometer) Will paid up to $600 aud dollars for one in excellent working order.
  26. darkbreeze

    Left dash signal indicator

    Crazy issue. All turn signals and flashers work when they should. Except that, the left signal indicator on the dash cluster intermittently doesn't work. I've pulled the dashpod, replaced all the bulbs (Because I had it out, and why not?) and the bulb holder for the left signal. Checked the printed circuit with a magnifying glass and ohm meter. I don't see any issues anywhere. Left signal generally always works when I first get in the car, and for the first five minutes or so. After driving for a few blocks the left signals still work, the bulbs at the front and back light as they are supposed to be the indicator bulb on the dash stops working. It does not light up at all. What is weird, is that when it stops working it begins to, very dimly, flash the headlight bulb for the highbeams. If you aren't specifically looking for something to be flashing you won't even notice that that is. During the day you can't tell at all, only at night when it is otherwise dark. Is there some relationship with the signal and headlight high beam circuit, perhaps in the combination switch, that could be causing this problem?
  28. Okay - good feedback. I thought this might be the case. I'm happy with it as is, but was wondering...
  29. What are you calling a "steering board"?
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