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  2. So, just an update - haven't done anything to the car recently, still haven't gotten around to putting the new rocker covers on yet - other tthings came up and that'll be happening next year. One thing I have done though, is to take it to the Mighty Car Mods Nationals here in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. Was an absolutely epic day, right from the start when after the regular track parking filled up, they started opening up the garages, so the Madaz got VIP garage parking :) It got a couple of runs around the track, I will admit - it does have a fair bit of understeer (not surprising, given it is a FWD V6 after all), but otherwise I couldn't have been much happier with how it went. Some pics of it: A few months ago when I had the dog incident the surround for the passenger's side foglight came loose, I always thought it had broken, and had been on the prowl for one ever since. I was going to take it off since I was worried that it might cause problems going through scrutineering, thankfully when I took the foglight out I found it clips on, rather than screwing on like I thought, and all I had to do was to bend the clip back into place. Its fine now. :) Very happy :) I also got to meet Marty and Moog (again, they actually recognise me now because I've met them at so many events which is awesome!), got my photo taken with them, and got invited up on stage to do the MCM quiz. When I was waiting in pit lane for my second go on the track they came up and opened the passenger door and gave me mad props for taking the 626 on the track. So awesome. Recently I learnt on a Facebook group I'm on that the chrome door handles and handbrake button from a Protege will fit, and look awesome. Went to Pick 'n' Payless and got some today, they need a bit of a touch up but they'll be going in sometime in January and I think they'll add a nice touch of class to the interior. Also got a cruise control acutuator off a 2001 GF with only 130,000 km...really hoping this might solve my cruise control issue. I'd love to have working cruise control. At some point around January/February its also going to be due for a new timing belt. I've never done a timing belt before so that'll be something to look forward to!
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  4. I have to agree with you there. I'm on a few forums, both car and tech related and have noticed that over the last couple of years especially there's nowhere near as much activity on forums as there was say, 10 - 15 years ago. Its a shame, because I personally prefer forums, not to mention that with information on forums staying up for pretty much the life of the forum, it makes doing research on stuff easier.
  5. Hello 626 friends! I haven't been on here for a minute because of mostly because of life. From making sure that I'm the best father I can be to my daughters to being a the greatest mobile mechanic I can be. But the one thing I can say I'm guilty of is succumbing to facebook and all of it's convenience. Typically, one would have to upload pics via their favorite uploader and then post it up and practically leave a digital footprint for others to see and forever be impacted by your info. I think we all are guilty of this trend. It's too easy to upload a pic of your car, and then someone hits like and you feel some sort accomplishment about what you've achieved. But in the end, we forget that yes, as easy as it is to post up on FB, it's just as easy to lose that info. Most stuff on the forums can be found simply by doing a google search. That's not the case on FB. Well, unless someone shares your info, it will be forever lost on FB. Completely anonymous to very useful info. I know a lot of us have moved on to newer, more powerful and better handling platforms. Had kids. We changed our priorities. Even if all that has changed, I think it's clear that the love of cars that we all share is still there burning within our very core. So with that being said, I'd love to reintroduce myself. I'm Shaun and I still have 2 626's, appropriately nicknamed the slow car (1998 626 ES V6 mtx) and the fast car (1994 626 LX V6 mtx) and I have a 94 protege and 1993 mx3 that I will combine with the heart of a Millenia to make a V6 protege in 2018. My posts are dormant but I'm here in this community for the long run and I'm not going anywhere.
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  7. @JoeBudden lol. Get your guy

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  9. I'm trying to figure out why randomly after I start my car cold and it fires up perfect every time runs great gets up to temperature sometimes when I turn it off it won't fire up again. It cranks over sometimes it acts like it wants to start and then kind of misses and sputters shakes a little bit. Sometimes when it happens it takes over an hour before it'll start again sometimes it's only 15 minutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Day3: More progress in @SoloLearn's Python track. Finished an exercise from ch5 of 'Automate the Boring Stuff with…

  11. Winding to the Sea, my new picture on #Flickr #Photography

  12. RT @wordstionary: I like...

  13. @Lelandpolice When Walmart catches a shoplifting suspect in the act, do they just let them walk out of the store?

  14. How about you get the f#ck out of here!!! What does this post have to do with anything Mazda or 626 related!
  15. My #2017bestnine -

  16. As business owners, your trucks are your workhorses and your truck drivers are your heroes. Your trade won’t simply survive without them. Now with your business on the line, there are lots of critical decisions you have to make. One of them is deciding whether or not it’s best for your trucks to head off during the night or day. While driving at night poses different kinds of hazards, driving during the day also comes with many disadvantages.
  17. Partially Obsured By Clouds, my new picture on #Flickr #Photography

  18. Instrument panel gauges

    I pulled out my instrument panel to put new bulbs in. When I went to put it in my gauges don't work anymore. And also the cruise control and electric side view mirrors don't work. I've checked my fuses on the inside by the door panel and they are all good. One thing I did do was cut the ground wire that plugs into my stereo so I could run a better ground from my stereo. But I taped off the ground wire that went to my stereo. Surely that doesn't need to be connected, correct. Any help on this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thank to anyone in advance
  19. RockAuto Gift Ideas

    Practical and Useful Gift Idea: Give a gift that your family and friends will appreciate year-round! Floor Mats and Cargo Area Mats will help keep a vehicle's interior looking like new. For serious protection against winter grime and spills, choose Aries Style Guard, Outland Deep Tread, Wade Sure Fit or Westin Profile rubber Floor Mats. Precise laser measured fit, breathable layers, raised edges, factory retainer hook connections, and shape retention under heavy loads/extreme temperatures are just some of the features built into mats RockAuto carries that ensure they fit, last, protect and make interiors look polished. For an exact match to a vehicle's carpet, choose die cut ACC carpet floor mats, available in a wide variety of OE yarns and colors with the option to add logos (Buick shield, Charger R/T, 4X4...) available for some models. Through February 28, 2018, take advantage of Westin's Winter Rebate which includes Profile Floor Mats (up to $15 back!). Find the Floor Mats and Cargo Area Mats we have for specific vehicles in the "Interior" category of the RockAuto catalog. Gift Idea (or X-Large Stocking Stuffer) for Less Than $10: Need gifts for clients or coworkers that are useful and make a good impression? SolarGuard Windshield Covers are effective, premium quality and Wholesaler Closeout priced at less than $4! SolarGuards are individually boxed; even the packaging is classy! Find your SolarGuard Reflective Sunshade Windshield Cover under Window in the "Accessories" category of the "Tools & Universal Parts" tab or simply click here. Let Them Choose the Part, Repair Manual or Tool They Need Most: Make your gift giving easy this year with a RockAuto Gift Certificate! A Gift Certificate will let the recipient get the parts or tools he/she most needs! They are available for any amount, are easy to purchase and even easier to use!
  20. I’m going to retweet this every time that I see it. My girlfriend thinks she’s tough until I start yelling and she…

  21. Day 1: Finished 'Basic Concepts' and 'Control Structures' in @SoloLearn's Python 3 course. #100DaysOfCode

  22. Another crank, no start issue

    Gave up on project, diagnosed in October with multiple myeloma, now in treatment and doing well but have to adjust my priorities and projects. Will have to sell it as is or scrap it. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all
  23. The Mystery of Night Approaches, my new picture on #Flickr #Photography

  24. RT @MeTV: Today marks what would have been Ol' Blue Eyes' 102nd birthday! Here are 7 fascinating facts about #FrankSinatra on television:…

  25. Android Police and CyberLink are giving away a Pixel 2 and a copy of PowerDirector 16!

  26. Good day, Did you find the problem on your car. I have the same problem. Regards Jacques
  27. Good day, can someone help me. My 1997 626 2.0l drives fine but when I turn right it stall and only if I turn right. It is like the fuel is cut off because the red lights on the instrument cluster doesn't come on at first, just if I can't get it to idle and the car came to a stop that the red instrument clusters lights will come on. When the car starts moving again, it smells like a car that has flooded. DO someone know what the problem can be. Regards
  28. Showered her in $2s

  29. I have a 94 Mazda 626, and have minimal experience with mechanical issues. The car has some damage on the right rear end of the vehicle (same side as the light that has issues). All the lights come on, however when i apply the brake all tail lights get brighter except the outside one on the right side. Blinker works but the light does look a little dim. Any tips or recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!!
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