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  4. Thanks but I have already completed the proceedure in that link which is why I am asking about the circuit that uses the 'room' fuse.
  5. https://www.aa1car.com/library/battery_runs_down.htm
  6. I have an 01 626 2.5. My new battery drains in about two days. It shows a 220mAmp draw until the 'room' fuse is pulled then it drops to 0. The door, dome and green light above the ignition switch all go off on a timer after about 20 seconds. The trunk light also goes off when the trunk is almost closed. Does anyone know any easy to test parts of this circuit where the drain may be coming from?
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  8. MazdaSpeedLX626

    Stainless Header & Downpipe M2

    @Bitter Okay thanks. ill have to look into something else then. :/
  9. Bitter

    Stainless Header & Downpipe M2

    It will not without cutting and welding, I was not able to fit it in the time I had with the tools available to me. The j pipe was canted off to one side and was too tight to the bottom of the engine and frame. You'd pretty much need a custom made j pipe for the header to work out on a 626. Mine sits in the basement till I get around to selling it or till someone I know gets a car it'll fit.
  10. MazdaSpeedLX626

    Stainless Header & Downpipe M2

    Hey, I'm new to this and have a 2001 626LX 2.0. will the header for the 93-97Ford Probe/Mazda MX6 fit on my 2001? And also do the header/down pipe actually increase exhaust flow?
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  12. Hi guys, I 'fixed' my door open button (the one that is pressed when you closed the door) a few weeks ago. It started acting up again and I found that the actual wired mechanism has pulled through into the body and is not recoverable from the outside. Does anyone know how it is wired into the body? I see a bunch of wires coming down the lower right side of the car near the bottom of the door so I am guessing it is one of them but not sure the best way to feed it through and where it goes from. Appreciated, Will
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  14. Sorry if I'm necroing an old thread, but hallelujah! It's not a timing chain.
  15. I had an intermittent-eventually-completely no start with mine, it was a relay in the vicinity of the battery, it had become detached from it's mount and fallen inside the body cavity behind. The dust cover collected moisture and rotted the relay. However, Mine is a manual transmission and it was not getting an injector pulse... If it's an automatic, did you replace or adjust the selector cable during any of this? If the cable is stretched, worn, or out of adjustment, the gear selector may not be putting the transmission all the way into park, the (probably ok) neutral switch was doing it's job and preventing it from starting because the car didn't "see" the transmission in park... If the car will reliably start when you hold the key on start and then select neutral, you are tripping the neutral switch *as* it moves through what the car has defined as "neutral", and allowing the starter to engage.
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  17. qualzoom_97

    1997 Clicking Noise!

    The relays outside of the fuse box. Gray and they're about three inches tall and an inch or so squared. It took awil to find one for replacing that is
  18. qualzoom_97

    Anyone Else Who Has Had Their Temp. Gauge Act Up?

    By the battery there are two big gray relays. Omron is the name i think. It went out and my gage peaked only with key on. Not even running. It was 35.00 tho. Listen for clicking when turning key.
  19. B R

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    I probably would have gone to that show, but I was out of town at that time, as I often am. I was also gone for the JCCS.
  20. Leclue

    No Spark

    Hi im new here, can someone please help me with some advise im stuck with my mazda, I replaced my entire harness at the front of the car, aswell as the computer box for that harness, i get a pulse at the injectors but no trigger at the distributor, already tried 3 computer boxes, nothing, the distributor is not faulty tested it in another car, please is anyone familiar with this or heard of this that might give me some advise please? Another thing is there 2 different distributors on the 2.0fs engine S1 and S2? If so what is the difference?
  21. XSSV1

    Your 626 Information.

    Location - Novato, Ca.Body Type - Sedan / HatchModel - 626 GTBuild Date - 1990Compliance Date - 1990Engine - 2.2 F2T Inter-cooled, soon to have 2.5" downpipe. Passed CA. smog last weekend. No present mods, bone stock. Still beeps at me when I get a heavy foot. Transmission- 5 speed Accessories - Cruse control, Electric windows, central locking,, empty hole for after market stereo (stolen)Interior - Grey/Blue Exterior: Grey Future: Manual steering rack, 1" front swaybar, new AC pump. Dreams: May convert to water cooled T25 w manifold and go water to air PWR barrel after zombie chip.
  22. Doctor Robert

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    Ah yes, smog. This is why I left California! Your car is awesome!!! I was just in LA nearly a month ago. I went to this: https://www.automobiledrivingmuseum.org/event/jdm2018/ JDM at the ADM on September 29th (my car was next to the black one in the first photo foreground)... I should probably post more pics (and of my other car show adventure)... I'm not on here often enough. There was only one other Capella there (a first generation/early 70's one) and it wasn't even at the same part of the show (it was bigger than you see here). It was a blast anyway, especially when I told people I'd just driven 850 miles (1400km) to be there. Next time I trek down, you should join me!! We could totally show up those millions of 510s (and the accompanying Bluebirds) that seem to hang out at these shows!
  23. flenser

    Overheating 98 V6 ES

    Yes. Got the radiator replaced; all seems well with the car. Getting it ready to sell, now. Will miss it, as it has been good for well over 100,000 miles since I picked it up. Thanks, everyone!
  24. If memory serves, they are a 3.2 ohm speaker, and I found a suitable replacement by using a mazda 6 part
  25. Guy18

    Overheating 98 V6 ES

    Coolant tank a big problem on the 2.5V6, it overheating ignored your transmission will not be far behind, not too expensive to replace and even a good one will probably be failing in the not too distant future
  26. Guy18

    Automatic transmission problem HELP :(

    Your 3&4th clutch gear pack is probably cooked. Cooling of this appears to be a big problem on the 2.5V6. I've had the problem several times and now plan to install an external transmission cooler. Not too hard or expensive to replace, search "sabutter mazda" on YouTube
  27. XSSV1

    Free Modifications

    I saw somewhere that you can increase power levels on the F2T in an afternoon, but not seeing any of that info here. eBay has 3/8" exhaust flanges for us now, so making an new downpipe is a no brainer. Is there a 'best place' to put your boost gauge hose on the engine side? Quickest easiest way to remove the Beep and fuel cut off when I hit 12.5 PSI? EBC makes Yellow pads for the 626 now, and they ROCK! Anybody putting in additional oil coolers? PWR Water to Air barrels for that long ride back to the intake manifold?
  28. B R

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    The V8 will go in my Opel (it's smog exempt). Not going to do any permanent mods on my 626. And here's a token pic from my phone.
  29. Blinger

    Excessive White Smoke Coming From Exhaust

    Changed the oil and PC valve, everything looks alright so far, but I will see tomorrow. I also put some cleaning stuff in the old oil before I changed it and then when I put the new oil in, I also put in some liquid that will maybe help with some problems.
  30. Blinger

    Excessive White Smoke Coming From Exhaust

    Well, it looks like my car is still eating my coolant.
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