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  2. Because, i could not read codes from the abs computer. I suspect, that a broken wire (wich came from the abs computer) under the dashbord was the cause of that. Because of that broken wire the abs light stayed on. To rule out a bad sensor i had to measure them. That's why.
  3. Why even messure them when you can just read out ABS codes and be done with it? Either way I would like the following posts to be on topic so that I can figure out what the problem actually is.
  4. Have you checked out DJdevon3's youtube channel? He does a full series of the auto to manual conversion on a 93-97. I don't recall seeing much in there about changing out the ECU, but I cant remember.
  5. Hello all. I have a 626 with 1.8 engine (GD) from 1990. It's still a bit below 100k km. For most of the last decade it is occasionally driven with intervals of up to months. The last few times the engine's RPM when the pedal is released tends to increase compared to the idle RPM it should have. During the drive the RPM seems to gradually increase. This is awkward at traffic lights and when driving slowly, rounding corners etc. I'm not sure why the RPM doesn't return to the normal level when the pedal is released. Friction between the inner and outer cable doesn't seem likely. I can't influence it by letting the pedal 'snap' up from the depressed position. When the engine is started it runs normally with the automatic choke causing a slightly increased RPM but instead of the RPM decreasing when the engine warms up it starts to increase and gets gradually higher during the drive which suggests being related to the engine warming up. Anyone recognising this? Can it be the carburettor? I've had some problems before with the choke valve getting stuck which resulted in the engine revving down and shutting down shortly after driving away. Could this be a milder manifestation? The choke valve not opening up all the way again as the engine heats up? If so what maintenance should I perform to get it to work properly again? Or could it be something else? Thanks for your help.
  6. I'm not going to waste my time, trying to convince you, that i have plenty of skills. I just have a different way of approaching an electrical problem. why disconnect every single abs sensor, if you can measure them all at once at the abs computer.
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  15. actually you dont. swapping things dont make you a mechanic. what i was telling FIS was basic mechanics 101 if you were such a mechanic you would have known this like i said i have been working on cars my whole life in my spare time: mazdas, fords, holdens & chevy, nissans and datsuns, toyotas, bmw and mercedes benz. working on one type of car has made you one eyed. plus i have had more cars than birthday candles...
  16. @DanTheBritshMan thanks! I appreciate it, greetings from Mexico. 🙋

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  20. See how I already pointed that out? How the hell would you know if you have a "complicated issue" or not when you haven't eliminated anything for being broken? If you have been working on Mazda's for 20 years I'd imagine your mechanical skills would be much higher. And swapping out from a 1.8l FP engine to a 2.5l KL isn't something that requires knowledge man, you even had a donor car to grab the parts from, it's basically just "remove old part, move new part from dono car and tighten" Requires a ton of skills man! I'm sorry but if you don't have some more skillshowing and relevant posts I would like to ask you to stop replying to this topic, I'm trying to fix my car, not argue.
  21. By the way, i'm working on mazda's for over 20 years. recently did a compleet rebuild of my 626. Went from a 1,8L-16V to a 2,5-24V. From non ABS to ABS on the car. Factory cruise control, so i think i do know what i'm saying.
  22. You can't see the signal with a multimeter, the fact that you measure a resistance, doesn't mean your crack sensor gives a good output signal. How do i know, been there done that!! In general it works like that yes, but if i have a complicated issue, and the simple things are not the problem. I'm starting at the beginning and follow the signal, untill i lose it. Better than just swapping a distributer because it's most likely. Maybe it's takes some more time, but i want to rule out everything else.
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  24. Exactly! And it's usualy the simpliest thing to cause the fault, which is why you start at the end (Plugs->Wires->Coil->And so on)
  25. talk to the demaj brothers. they have been putting v8s into old mazdas for years.
  26. yes marcel i find your lack of mechanical skill showing. i said what i did because: tracking down electrical gremlins is a process of elimination, you eliminate the things it isnt to get to the thing it is. i have been around cars my whole life this isnt the first or last car ive worked on.
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