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  2. Hello im new in here. im from Denmark an living in a bad place at winter, so i have restored the ca by sandblasting and metallized and painted 80 procent of the bottom of the car an whole engien compartment. and every spareparts i have changet on the car. i have changed my engien becourse i was sandblasting the engien block that was so rusty that i blastet troug the engien block. so i now have a 1999 engien in my car now. and 2 engiens to play with so i can learn how to dismantle a engien and assemble it again and also shine up the engien, thats my projekt now. u can see my pictures on my profile. hope i can find someone who will guide me when i start to fully dismantle the engien and put it back again. and of course find some friends on the internet who has the same interest as me for the 626 model that never being produced anymore. contact me on facebook if i dont seee any messages from u in here. im new in here so need to learn this webside. first picture is taking week after we bought the car in 2007. second picture is 5 people who drove me off the road in snowy weather at knight, or i wouldt hit them course they wher in my lane. 3 picture is the start of the sandblasting of the car in 2015. 4-5 pictures is 2016 finish outside. 6-7 picture is painted summer 2019
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  4. Please i need you guys help urgently. I changed my pistol rings which was bad,bringing white smokes. After that my car refuses to start but eventually after checking the electrical,it starts but jerking. Then i called an electrician to fix it, he says we have to service the nozzles. When he is done, my car wont start up again. Its not showing the key indicator on the dashboard, when u put the key, other signs on the dashboard shows except that key indicator. Please i need help. And also i misplaced how to arrange the plug wiring. I need help please. My car is Mazda 626 2001 model. V6.
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  6. There will be a ground wire on the harness, or you can ground it to chassis. The wires are all blue with a colored stripe for the radio harnesses, You have indeed hooked your ground to the illumination circuit and when you turn the lights on, you are taking away the radio's path to ground. The antenna is a big black coaxial wire with a round metal tip. it plugs into a round socket on the back of your radio, or the socket may be attached to a wire coming off the back of your radio. It is possible, but not likely you need an adapter for it. If you have a power antenna, you will also need to use the remote/amp power signal wire and some sort of relay to trigger it to extend and retract, as these cars typically get terrible reception with the mast retracted. Otherwise, you can extend the antenna by hot wiring the circuit and leave it unplugged, or break the retractor cable so it can be extended and collapsed by hand.
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  8. Sorry I didn't post this sooner but between the site being down and life's busyness, I'm just now getting to it. Plus I'm a little embarrassed that the problem turned out to be so simple and I didn't figure it out sooner. I bought the 2001 626 in February of 2018 and it sat in the driveway until April of 2019 when I swapped out the coil from my parts car and it immediately fired up! So after all the messing with the immobilizer, it turned out to be just a bad coil pack. What had thrown me though was that I didn't have spark or fuel and that's what made me think immobilizer. After the car was running, it was hard starting (extended cranking time) especially in the morning or after it had set for several hours. That turned out to be the fuel pump and I swapped out the fuel pump from the parts car (its pump looked like it had recently been replaced). The parts car also donated its good battery and right rear door window regulator (my rear passenger window wasn't working) before it was hauled off for scrap. Several other things needed attention, including replacing a leaking AC evaporator (thanks Rock Auto), tracing down a loose connector near the fuse box (headlights weren’t working), bad right front wheel bearing, brake fluid flush (it was dark orange/brown with spongy brakes), replacing rear sway bar bushings, refinishing the cloudy headlights, and sealing up the leaky trunk (me in the trunk with a flashlight and wife running garden hose on the back of the car). The car runs like a top now (27+ mpg mixed driving) and we’ve put over 5,000 miles on it. We have two newer cars but I really like driving the little 2.0 5 speed 626! Just curious - how many people out there still driving 626s and monitoring this site? Even the 2002s are now 18 years old...
  9. Will engine light come on if crankshaft position sensor is bad,?
  10. Hi Folks, I'm trying to find a 1986 or 1987 Mazda 626 GT Turbo coupe. I live in California and these things are really hard to find. Actually impossible. If you have one you are trying to sell or considering selling please reach out to me. Best, Matt
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  12. I have a 1987 Mazda 626 hatch 2.2L non turbo auto Starts fine but will not idle and stalls when in park after about 5 seconds and after using the gas pedal to get going it will stall only when stopped in drive for about 10 minutes of the drive then its ok. the faster it gets to running temp just under half then it idles perfect and no stalling. please help I have read alot of other threads but no answers. I had a mechanic check for vacuum leaks and found one where the EGR solenoid is you can see smoke coming out and hear girgling during the vacumm leak test. thanks
  13. Ok here is the update. I pulled the valve covers back off and took another look at both cams on both heads and indeed there is NO possible way that the 2 cams could even fit on the wrong head....so now im back to making sure that i have the two cams matched up on each head. It was my understanding that you match the dots on the two gears to align them. Is there any possible way to screw this up?
  14. Did you replace the distributor as I can't tell from your original post? If not then I would look to the ignition control module which sits below the rotor. I had a 90 which simply stop running one day. Once I verified I had fuel and no spark it was a matter of time to narrow it down to the ICM. As luck would have it I swapped the distributor from my 91 to the 90 so my wife could drive it. I then lucked out getting both an NOS ICM on eBay and then an NOS distributor on eBay. The NOS distributor went into the car as that was easier then getting the ICM out. The turbo ICM is different from my non-turbo and it runs $421 from Mazda but $105 on Rock Auto. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=49893&cc=1189807&jsn=2137
  15. Well i pushed the car back into the shop last night....im going to pull the valve cover off the front to see if i can see any form of markings on that non-sprocket camshaft. Please weigh in if you have any thoughts.
  16. Hello all, I have a 2002 mazda with the DOHC V6 motor. I completely rebuilt the top end last year. (the car was bought with a bad head gasket so i never heard it run prior) I put it all back together and checked my timing marks at least 4 times. All the marks on the sprockets are correct but when the engine turns over it sounds like there is ZERO compression and of course it doesn't run......i parked in in the "naughty" corner for a year now and moved on to other projects because i was very frustrated. Just the other day I had some crazy thought.......even though the sprocket cams are all correct is it somehow possible that the second cam that is gear driven on each head possibly would have gotten mixed up in all of the rebuild process thus basically im running 2 intakes and two exhaust cams on the same head? I would think that Mazda would have designed in in such a way as they would not even have fit on there but that is my only other thought....i've tried looking online and cannot find any info on markings of the second camshaft that would show either IN or EX markins so i can pull the covers off and verify. Any thoughts out there for me on this? Is it even remotely possible?
  17. thanks simpson1142 for your reply on my post, Sorry for updating so late. i have checked the wires and iam not getting any spark on the wires
  18. @admins PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD. New updated thread here...
  19. @admins PLEASE DELETE THIS TREAD. New updated thread here...
  20. Loping idle. 2002 Mazda 626 V6 2.5L. Video below. Making a new thread because a lot of updates since last time. New fuel pressure regulator, new EGR valve, new MAF sensor, new throttle position sensor, new PCV valve? Still same problem. Video below. Any other ideas folks? Please advise. Should I junk it?
  21. Could anyone out there recommend a decent valve spring compressor for the old FE GC 2 litre 8v? Cheers Tony
  22. Looking for a complete glass sunroof panel for my 626 GD hatch. I need the cloth tray underneath as well as car was equiped with steel roof.
  23. 2002 Mazda 626 V6 2.5L Car ran great no issues. Parked it. Two days later went to drive it and car cranks but will not start. Fuel pump is running. Spark plugs have spark. Fuel pressure regulator brand new, Mass Air Flow sensor brand new, throttle position sensor new, EGR valve new. PCV valve new. What gives? Please assist? I'll post a video of me cranking it if it will help?
  24. Hello, I am new to the forums but I've had my 626 for almost a full year now. I have a 1996 626 DX 5MT with 280,000 miles on it. I bought it for a total of $800 on Craigslist in April, 2019 and it's never stopped working. It is in very rough shape both inside and out but it's got a very strong engine and everything works, has never stopped working. I love my car dearly. Something tells me I saved it from the salvage yard, and it's gone to a much better home.
  25. What was the result JoMo? I'm having exact same problem. 2002 Mazda 626 2.5L V6 Ran great, then after letting it sit for a week, tried to start mine and now it cranks but wont start. Fuel pump relay is fine. Fuel pump is pumping fuel. Fuel pressure regulator is brand new. Spark plugs are firing off. What gives?
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