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  3. So I bought this mazda 626 back in 2012, and ive been having a hard time looking around for parts, interior and exterior, ive thought of custom but that too is a bit hard here in the UAE. if there is anyone thats got any parts for sale like. Headlight covers, taillights, chrome parts, instrument cluster, LHD dashboard, center console, etc. Will pay + shipping. Paypal.
  4. DJ Awesome Sarah and dj_kutzu having a water fight in the parking lot. It is day 1 of…

  5. p0715 Input Turbine------Pin 2P --> splice to Pin 4AH (NE+) Tricking the ECU with the crank sensor which mimicks the input turbine p0715 Input Turbine------Pin 2T --> splice to Pin 4AL (NE-)
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  7. For replacing stuck/rusted old rotors - don't just wail on them with a hammer once you get the caliper bracket off. There's a screw hole in the face where you can thread a bolt thru the rotor, against the hub behind it, to create enough pressure to *pop* the rotor off the hub.
  8. RT @_BrandonLamar_: Wouldn't it be poetic if Jabrill Peppers ends up being the Browns' savior, and OSU fans have to humble themselves and a…

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  10. I got another symtom: once brake is pressed, the engine idles rough. Without it, it idles fine. So I assume the brake booster affected the engine and should be replaced. Am I having the right logic?
  11. A symptom of a failing brake booster is a hard to depress brake pedal. You have to push very hard for the car to stop.
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  13. 1969 #conniesmith. Join me, Thursdays 4p ET on AshevilleFM, at 103.3FM in #Asheville or online,…

  14. The engine and engine bay internals on my car are 1995 and its a European car. I suppose though there should be no difference.
  15. That's damn informative! Thank you so much!
  16. Maybe I am doing it wrong. I learned that from a bad mechanic then... Anyway, already bought brake booster and master cylinder. I will bleed with engine off this time.
  17. This contains everything you could possibly ever want to do on your car. Specific to your year. I think it's the official Mazda service manual for that year. There's also TONS of great troubleshooting steps in there for just about anything that could be happening. 626 & MX-6/Work Shop Manuals/PDF/1994 US WSM_OCR.pdf Refer to section G, or roughly page 880 or so in that manual. I recommend downloading and saving to your local hard drive if you can, or eBook it on your mobile device.
  18. Would you be so kind to point to me to the right manuals or are they in the 'stickies' of the forum's threads? What Chapter am I looking for? Ignition? Thank You!
  19. Date: 4/28/2017 Location: Liquid Bean Coffee House - 1711 W. Ave K, Lancaster, CA 93534 Time: 7:00pm - until whenever - Show Up Anytime! We do ask that you abide these GUIDELINES Antelope Valley Auto Enthusiasts Meet Page - Check Here For Updates Antelope Valley Auto Enthusiasts Instagram - Meet And Event Pictures Photo Courtesy of J-Rey Photography
  20. Now "climate-change" alarmists want us to become China?

  21. @ASAPJon @DopE_22ENT Fournette runs through mfs.

  22. Never heard of bleeding brakes with the engine running lol.
  23. River Deep River Wide, my new picture on #Flickr #Photography

  24. RT @TheMindBlowing: This is awesome!

  25. I thought you were supposed to have the engine off when you bleed the brakes? That's how I've always done it, but I don't know for sure.
  26. Has anyone successfully installed a led bulb into their overhead dome light?
  27. thank you, i greatly appreciate your replies!
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