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'98 626 Es Bose Radio Volume Control Erratic

stereo radio volume

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I just spent a good four hours trying to find out how to troubleshoot and fix an erratic volume control.  A few post call it "the radio is on, but no output".  Using Google, I found someone that said the connection the volume control makes with the circuit board is dirty and to clean it with contact cleaner or tuner cleaner from Radio shack.  Another post said to use WD-40.  Simply pull the volume knob off and squirt a very small ammount along the volume control metal shaft and turn the control to "clean" the contacts while it is wet from the spray.  I used brake cleaner spray and it worked.  Now the radio volume control works and I will have to wait and see how long it continues to work.



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Yeah that's a really bad method.  Brake cleaner will chew through the laminate on PCB's and will melt sensitive plastic parts.  WD-40 is a better method but still not the right way to do it. The right way would be to take the radio apart, remove the rheostat/potentiometer volume knob and clean the contact by hand with it out of the unit.  I'm glad it worked for you but I wouldn't recommend anyone attempt doing it the way you did.  Thank you for sharing your fix, it's appreciated, and welcome to Mazda626.net.




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The erratic volume control and ejecting all my CDs was why my original HU ended up in the trash a long time ago. Hopefully yours keeps working but they are finiky things in my experience.

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