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Coolant Temp Sensor

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I have a 2002 626 and the check engine light readout says that I have a bad "Coolant Temp Sensor". Is this a difficult part to replace? Where is it? How much does it cost? Any help would be great! Thanks.



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Welcome to the board!

I can't remember exactly what they cost. Maybe about $50 from the dealer, maybe less elsewhere.

It is located in the middle of the V of the engine block, but on the passenger side end of the fuel injector rails. It looks a bit like a spark plug, screwed vertically down into the engine block. It has a connector with 2 wires coming out the top. Immediately to the rear of it is a smaller, 1-wire coolant temp sensor, which controls the temp gauge (ignore that one).

It is easy to change. Wait till the engine is cool (so you don't burn your hands or spray pressurised coolant out, though it's no big deal). Unclip the electrical connector (squeeze and pull, I think), then unscrew the old sensor, screw in the new sensor, and reconnect it, and you are done. You will only lose a spoonful or two of coolant, so no need to drain the raduiator.

The only tricky part is getting a wrench in there. Not much room for a regular wrench, and a normal socket is too short. But a large spark plug socket will fit OK, I have found, though it's a bit of a sloppy fit.



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Like Nick says....don't touch the single wire one(sender for the guage)...you want this one:


About $25...

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